Care 4 food initiative by Tupperware

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Take care of Food at every stage. Save, use and minimise food wastage.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 

and that probably is the reason behind the age old saying 'Annaparabramha'... Food is supreme...Food is God. While most of us look at food as an appetite satisfier that tantalises and satiates our tastebuds but Food has the supreme power to create, sustain or destroy life. but very unfortuantely not many of us treat food responsibly as a result of which the amount of food wastage is increasing day by day.

If you look at it closely you will find a typical paradox. According to the 2013 Global Hunger Index (GHI), out of the 78 hungriest countries, India stands at the 63rd position with 1/3 of the World's malnourished children in the country. at the same time farm outputs are touching new heights every year. compared to the 208 million in 2005-06, it has increased to 263 million tons in 2013-2014. which is enough to feed the population (required amount is 225-230 million). So we can clearly see the problem is never the insufficient production rather its roots lie somewhere else. 

While the Govt must take thoughtful measures to save 40% of its fresh produce of fruits and vegetables that perishes even before reaching the plate. We the consumers also need to act responsibly and take steps to prevent food wastage at the micro level and minimise the daily wastage of cooked food every where. Its that typical case of inequality of income. While India  still reels under massive poverty issues and many people in this country goes to sleep in an empty stomach, the well offs waste food without a second thought. 

To help such issues and to create general awareness Tupperware has started 'Care 4 Food' Initiatives, where they intend to teach us to act responsibly to food. 'Waste not Want not' is their mantra and to take it to the next stage they are providing solutions to take care of food at various levels right from buying, storing, preparation and leftover management. The aim is to increase the shelf life of food and to pay enough attention to ensure it does not get wasted.

To create a fool proof system the program takes into account the main facts behind food wastage at the household stage. To deal with excess cooking and leftover management they have launched this line of products called Cool n fresh. These virtually spill proof products keeps cut fruits and leftovers fresh for a longer time for you to consume it later.

To help maintain supply of your fresh vegetables and fruits you can use the Fridge smart range which by way of its designs lets them breathe and thus keeps it's crispness for a longer period of time.

The bowled over range has air tight, liquid tights containers that while keeping it fresh also conserves the flavour.

The Freezer mate products freeze food efficiently and makes the food available to you for quite a longer time.

To keep your dry goods pest and moisture free and to maintain health and hygine they are offering various containers and canisters in different shapes and sizes.

Also to minimise wastage at the eating out level they have created containers in all imaginable sizes and shapes for you to carry and bring all your leftover food from the restaurants. After all it takes sweat and hard work at every stage to create the food that we eat.

Not only this you can also log on to the Tupperware care4food website to see all the valuable tips of caring for food and leftover management. Use their super ideas to create treats from leftover food shared by many including India's top chef Kunal Kapoor.

Come forward, take the pledge and lets start this initiative from today. After-all charity begins at home.

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