Narkel Naru Truffle and Pop: Perfect last minute dessert recipe for Diwali

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Today is Diwali, The festival of lights...the day when Hindus all over the World celebrate the victory of good over evil...light over darkness. Spiritually its all about celebrating togetherness, celebrating everything good with your family. Be it new clothes, good food, decorated house, sparkling new gifts, fun frolic and laughter or prayers for good health and better days...Diwali signifies nothing if its not shared.

Growing up we never called this day Diwali, it was the day of Kalipujo for us Bengalis or 'Deepaboli'. As Kalipujo is never performed before midnight it never attracted the kids. What kept them busy the whole day is the preparation for the evening. We would buy, wash, dry and prepare the clay deep or diya (lamps) and pester the elders to roll the cotton wicks. In the evening the diyas would sit in a neat row around the edges of the balcony or the parapet filled with mustard oil. After the sun goes down they would be lit up one by one. Those flickering flames against the haze of the Autumn nights never failed to create an ethereal beauty.   
This Diwali is very special for us...It's the daughter's first ever Diwali and she is enjoying every bit of it. While the son still chickens out when it comes to braving the fire crackers...She seems to enjoy the fierce sound and lights more than anyone else in the family. After a whole hour of intense fire show (not much of the noisy ones) she finally could not take it any more and felt asleep. and while she sleeps I sit here to send you a tight bear hug. A hug that I share must as you are no less than family. My family away from home, who comes back again and again to read my pointless banters. 

So here is a easy peasy dessert for those who haven't made anything for this special occasion  Something that looks regal yet could be made at this last moment. Hope you will enjoy these beauties as much as my kids did.

Narkel Naru Truffle and Pop

Fresh Coconut pieces: 2 cups (Grind to make a smooth paste)
Khoya: ½ cup (milk solids)
Condensed milk: ½ cup
Sugar: 1/2 cup
Green cardamom pods: 3
Chocolate: 3/4 cup chopped 
Nuts (almond or pista): handful chopped
Edible sprinkles: for decorations
Lollipop sticks 

mix the coconut and sugar together in a heavy bottom pan and put on the gas. On low flame stir it till sugar melts and all the juice dries out.Approximately 6-8 minutes.

Now add the khoya and condensed milk and give it a good stir. Cook till the mixture leaves the side. Sprinkle the cardamom powder, mix.

Take off from flame and make small balls when the mixture is still warm. Roll them between your palms to smoothen the surface. Melt little chocolate and dip the tip of a lollipop stick. insert in a Naru. Place on a flat plate. Repeat as many as you want.

Chill them all on a flat plate for 4-5 hours or till they are little hard.
Melt all the chocolate on a double boiler or in a microwave in short burst say 30 seconds or so.
Keep all your sprinkles and chopped nuts ready on separate flat plates.

Dip the narus in melted chocolate, drip the excess and roll on chopped nuts or edible sprinkles. 

To cool the pops use a strainer upside down and poke the sticks in the holes.
Chill again for sometime and serve.

A Homemaker's Notes:
You can also use white chocolate.
Flavorings can be different too. Instead of cardamom powder use vanilla or rose essence.

Save them in an airtight container for up to a week.

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  1. love it , love it, love it..i love everything abt ur post...the clicks, the recipe, the write up...awesome is the word...

  2. Happy diwali:) this look super super nice and inviting:)

  3. Lovely post dear..thanks for stopping by my blog..had missed you. .but I know how busy you are managing everything with 2 kids..happy diwali to you and your family. .
    These pops look amazing. .I made something similar this diwali with coconut and ricotta cheese. .love the idea of dipping it in chocolate. .it looks perfect for children party!

  4. Looks absolutely gorgeous and delicious.. great idea :)

  5. Sayantani,
    Hope you had a fabulous Diwali with your family and sweet new member of the family-your daughter :-)...
    It looks so delicious so can imagine It should taste very sweet and delicious..bhalo thekho ..hugs and smiles


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