Sunday, January 6, 2013

Luchir Payes (Milk pudding with puri or fried flat bread)

Let me wish you a very happy new year once again. Hope by now you are done with making your resolution list and like any other beginning must have started on the new journey with much vigor and enthusiasm. I wanted to make resolutions too but with the present situation of society thinking about New Year resolutions feels like being selfish. The incidents that took place at the end of last year, one in USA and one in Delhi made me sit back and think where we actually are going. There is very little thing that we as persons can change in the bigger picture but with my little understanding I believe society is the collective body that includes all of us. so little changes in our responsive behaviors can send messages that can change such occurring in the long run.
I am no expert in pinpointing the problem areas but definitely we need to slow down a little bit in our quest to achievement.  Which makes us so super busy that thing that does not affect us directly fails to touch us. We treat them as just another matter. Evil minds would always be there but they become dangerous when no one resists. Being a part of the society its our collective duty to protest wrong deeds even if it does not affect us directly. Lets not wait till it reaches our own homes. Ignorance is not always bliss and blaming is the easiest way out. And that’s where my resolution lies.

This year I wish to take responsibility and be more responsive towards life and society.
Wish to be more open to changes and resist and fret less.
Wish to take things in my own hand and be less blaming if things go wrong.
Health has been a perpetual issue for me and its time I do something about it.
And definitely less procrastination and start those two things that I have been planning the whole of last year.

When it comes to life am pretty traditional and like every other year would love to start this year’s journey with something sweet. So here is my recipe for Luchi’r Payes or fried Indian bread (puri but the Bengali version with prepared with refined flour) simmered in thickened milk. Trust me as much as it sounds weird it tastes absolutely delicious. As kids we often fought for the puffed part of the luchi which when soaked in thickened milk tastes absolutely like fresh malai. And on that line this dish tastes very much like Bengali Rabdi but definitely less sweet and less rich.

This recipe again comes from my great dida’s (Maternal grand mother) kitchen and am sure many of my Bengali friends would be familiar with this dish. This is my go to party dessert recipe when I have fewer ingredients at home. make it once and I can gurantee you would be hooked for life.

Luchi’r Payes
(serves 4-5)

Milk: 1 liter (preferably full fat)
Condensed milk: 1/3 cup
Luchi: 8-9 (RECIPE HERE) also please see notes below
Sugar: 3-4 tbsp
Cashew nuts: handful
Ghee or butter: ½ tsp
Green cardamom: 2-3

Place the milk in a heavy bottom pan and start boiling it. be careful and keep stirring. Thicken the milk for 12-15 minutes.

While the milk is thickening tear the luchis in 4-5 big pieces. Grind the cardamom to a coarse powder and keep aside.

Heat another small pan with the ghee and fry the cashew nuts till golden. Keep aside.

Once the milk thickens a little bit add the condensed milk. Stir and taste and then as per your liking add more sugar. Mix in the fried nuts and boil for another 3-4 minutes.

Switch off the flame and immediately add the luchis and mix carefully. Sprinkle the cardamom powder and partially cover the dish for 5 minutes. Mix again and then let it cool down.

Serve chilled or at room temperature.

A Homemaker’s Notes:
Prepare the luchis as per this recipe and fry them little longer till they turn light brown and crisp up a little bit. The reason I like using little crisp luchis as this soaks the milk better and still hold its shape.

You can also add soaked raisins if you like.
If you don’t want to stir and thicken the milk for such a long time try using half and half or any other ready-made version of it. I never used them though.

The recipe is simple but remember that luchi would soak a substantial amount of milk so depending on the size of luchi decide the quantity of the milk. if it becomes dry then mix some more thickened milk and you would be fine. 

I have seen at some families the size of the luchis are huge. in that case please adjust amount of milk. I used medium sized (3-3.5" diameter approximately) luchis for this.

while storing in fridge please cover the cold payes otherwise it becomes dry too.

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rumela roy said...

Awesome clicks

Mélange said...

Enjoyed reading you Sayantani...Happy,peaceful New year to you as well.
This pudding makes me crave for a bowl..Truly worth it.Yummy treat for both eyes and senses.

Preeti said...

A very Happy New Year to you too Sayantani! I agree with what you say, the incidents which happened at the end of last year has kept my mind and heart absolutely numb. It makes me think of the mutation the human kind is going through towards cannibalism. Are you back in India? How is everything? This payesh looks awesome. Never had luchir payesh before. Lovely picture as usual my dear:)

prathibha Garre said...

we too make something similar,we call it appi payasa..looks yumm

Vimitha Anand said...

Looks delish... Will try it soon

Suma Rowjee said...

Wish you great health and happiness throughout the year! The pudding reminds me of a similar kind of pudding we make, but with crushed crisp puris simmered in milk. Its YUM!

Kalpana Sareesh said...

awesome n yummylicious clicks..this is something like paal poli which we make the day before shankaranthi..

Sharmila said...

Kono kotha hobe na ... darun jinish!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lady you convinced me to make this in our next get together..Will humanity will wake up in time ?? Those small kids and Delhi incident has made me shiver to think what's next to see...

indosungod said...

Happy New Year! Sayantani.

You are right on. Only together can changes happen- individually we all need to make contributions.

Payes looks absolutely delicious.
We make a similar dish called paal poori translated to milk poori but not as a dessert but as a way to use up the left over poories. Soak poories in milk and sugar. The softened sweetened poories are a a delight.

Sanoli Ghosh said...

My fav one. Looks too delicious, amazing pics.

today's recipe:

Bhakt Acharyya said...

aare sabbashh..chhotobela theke ma-didi mile to payesh diye luchi e khawalo..luchi r o payesh je hoy seta to ei post ta na dekhle jantei partam na...thanks a lot..thanks dilam karon amar probash jiboner majhe eto bhalo bangali rannar eto poripati khoj ar kothao pai na..tai
antor theke aantorik dhonnobad


p.s. amar kache khanik ta notun guur ache..ei recipe te seta chole?? kintu ami to luchi belte parina..bela to durer kotha..makhtei parina..


Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sayantani
How are you ? AT your blog after a long time ! This recipe is simply amazing and very new for me ..must try as soon as I eat luchi next time.
Bhalo theko

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sayantani
How are you ? AT your blog after a long time ! This recipe is simply amazing and very new for me ..must try as soon as I eat luchi next time.
Bhalo theko

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sayantani
How are you ? AT your blog after a long time ! This recipe is simply amazing and very new for me ..must try as soon as I eat luchi next time.
Bhalo theko

Neela Manogar said...

Looks delicious. Must be tasty too.

Kavi | Foodomania said...

To be honest, I'm not a big Payes fan.. But your clicks are so incredible that I really really feel like making this sweet! :) Love it!

divya said...

Wow.. It's so delectable..

Priya R said...

beautiful dessert and lovely thoughts Sayanthani I just hope and pray that we can be better human beings... about the recipe looks luscious and what amazing clicks.

Cocoawind said...

This will be an instant hit with my in-laws... they love to eat luchi with paayesh!! And now a dessert which incorporates both!

Cocoawind said...

This will be an instant hit with my in-laws... they love to eat luchi with paayesh!! And now a dessert which incorporates both!

Swathi Iyer said...

You are right we can't control what happening in the world, but at least we can express humanity.
This luchy payas is really yum. My friend's mom used to make luchi and potao curry when I visit them.

ruchikacooks said...

Now that is one delicious looking bowl inside and out :) It looks so tempting saya! My resolution is to post one recipe atleast once a month, lets see how far it goes!

The knife said...

the luchir payesh looks truly yum...specially the cream colour. so rich

Priya said...

Omg omg, feel like inviting myself to ur place Sayantani, you dunno how i would love to finish that whole bowl,yummyilicious.

Amrita Vishal said...

Will you believe me if I said I have never eaten this inspite of living in Kolkata!! Super tempting and super drool worthy stuff. Will be trying this soon (as soon as I am done with all the others bookmarked)

nilanjana majumdar said...

I’m still in search of the ever elusive solution to delicious homemade luchir payesh. I even purchased a box of milkmaid and made small luchis, hoping it would be the answer. Instead, I created a gloppy mixture when I put it in the fridge.I think this recipe will do the trick. A very Happy New Year to you!!

Archana Kumar said...

Brilliant pictures Sayantani. First time I've heard of this dish...looks really amazing, must taste really rich and creamy...

Sayantani said...

Thanks everybody for such encouraging words. really glad to be a part of this world.

@Bhakt. anekdin pore tomar comment peye khub bhalo laglo. nolen gur diye luchir payes na banie emni chaler payes banie felo. ei bachor ektuo gur pelam na tai tomar nolen gurer katha shune bolte ichhe korchilo oto ami emni emni khai. between ami mone prane Sukumar ray er sei kathate biswas kori je ' kitu sabar chaite bhalo pauruti ar jhola gur'.
jhola gur na pele oi nolen gur ektu jol diye futie (sange ektu ada dile to puro sworgiyo) kara kore senka pauruti (please no brown bread, amader purono addikaler sada pauruti best ei tar sange.

Bhakt Acharyya said...

pauruti ar gur maa dito taffin e majhe majhe jokhon primary te portam..tobe ada dito na for ada to aaami 'emni emni khai'..sotti bolte ekhon hardly nije ranna kori..rate ek cup cha banano chara ar oven e jalai na..ekta somoy khub e nak sitkano public chilam khawar ekhon jake bole sorbobhuk ebong ardhahari..
kolkata to thanday kapche..ei thanday bajare gurer supply kom bujhi????

Sayantani said...

Khabar nie kom beshi amra sabai chotobelay nak katha ar nai ba mone korale. Kolkatay ei abchor nei ami, tai gur khete pelam na. plan chilo fire jabo December e kintu seo holo na :-(

Jaya M said...

Sab Clicks khub shundor hoyeche kids my Ma used to give- roti/dudh makha or sometimes malai dudh with luchi......Khub darun lagche, actually it looks so similar with rabdi jeta sweet shop e paba jaye Kolkata te..oder trade secret tumi dhore felo cho :-))..eyi ta banabo jokhon eyi baar luchi tuiri korbo....hugs and smiles

Sanjeeta kk said...

Happy 2013 to you Sayantani! I have eaten this dessert at a Bengali friend of mine and have fallen in live with the simplicity and yumminess of it. Lovely clicks.

Rita Bose said...

Wow !! Delicious luchir payesh!! Will try ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

My mum is just about to try out your recipe! :)

Debalina said...

Hii Satantani.....tried this recipe yesterday... n I must tell you it has become an instant hit.....soo yum and addictive that I am constantly going back to the fridge with a spoon in hand :)....Thanks a lot for posting such delish stuff.

Debalina said...

Heyyy Sayantani tried this recipe yesterday....n its an instant hit....soo yumm and addictive that I am constantly going back to the fridge with a spoon in hand :)....thanks a lot for posting such delish and innovative resipes.

Sayantani said...

@Debalina, thanks a ton for trying out and your precious feed back. glad that you liked it.