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I love winter back home in India but in Japan (where I am having a long vacation right now) its quite a dreaded season. With the crisp cold wind and sub zero temperature you hardly feel like going out and do some activity. Rather staying in, snuggling under the blanket and keeping ourselves toasty makes you feel much better. Especially in the morning, sneaking in few extra moments in bed seems like the ultimate luxury that a mother of three and half year old hyper active kid can think of. Weekends are more precious with the hubby at home, any early morning needs can easily be delegated to him. So you can imagine my utter dismay when at 7 in the morning the kid shrieked, shouted and shaken me from my nirvana. I was angry but then I looked through the window …and missed a beat. The sky seemed to open up and with such white snow cover it looked beautiful beyond imagination. But BRRR it was cold beyond imagination too. Right now when am writing this post the snow has not melted yet and the temperature is hovering around –3,-4.

The teapot seems to be brewing all the time along with the coffee machine but they kind of have lost their edges. Its cold outside and I need more ideas to keep ourselves warm and toasty. so can I request you all to share your favourite winter warmer recipe with me. And I promise to give you something in return too.

These wonderful people at are sponsoring a RS.1500 Flipkart gift vouchers to my readers. just by sharing your winter warmer recipe this voucher could be yours and you can shop your heart’s content at one of India’s largest e-store. Trust me with so many lovely goodies to choose from I can easily spend hours online.

Though online shopping is quite a new trend in India but it is catching up real fast and thanks to sites like Cuponation who has made it possible to shop without having a big hole in your purse.

If you don't know yet then let me tell you that Cuponation is India’s largest coupon portal offering discounts for a vast category of items starting from Kitchen appliances, Electronic goods, Books, Apparels, baby cares, Flowers and what not. The best part is they even offer discounts codes and coupons for services like Insurance, travels, Movies, restaurants etc. This definitely is a new concept in India and for E shoppers like me this is going to be very advantageous. I often have seen E stores offering cash discounts on prices or shipping and with these codes from Cuponation it would be easier to plan accordingly and save a lot of money. Or in other words more shopping with same budget.

So if you love online shopping then you must go and check their site and try the amazing discount coupons they are offering almost on everything. Or if you are someone like me then you might consider subscribing to their regular updates or follow them on their Facebook page or Twitter handle. That way you never going to miss their fantastic deals.
To enter the giveaway all you need to do is
Cook up your favourite winter warmer recipe (hot beverages and soups only please) post it on your blog with the link of this giveaway and the sponsor's page ( 

and mail me the recipe along with a picture of the dish to ahomemakersdiary @ yahoo (dot) in. Also mention your name and your blog’s URL.

Non bloggers please send your entry to the above mentioned mail with a picture and recipe of the dish.

Please restrict only one recipe per person. Bloggers can share archived recipes but please update with the link of this giveaway and link to

The giveaway is open till 5th February’2013 and on 6th we will have our lucky winner through

Please try and spread the news as good news are to be shared.

As you can see, I can't stop gushing about them, so please go and check their site out.

**Disclosure - I have received no monetary compensation for this post. I did this review because I genuinely believe we can save a lot of money by using Cuponation’s coupon codes.

Also I love my readers and when wonderful people offer to reward my readers just because they love this Homemaker I cannot say No. Now can I?

There is no Hidden cost involved with this voucher. It is a gift voucher which can be used to purchase for Rs 1500 on flipkart without ANY limitations. You just need to shop and when you come at the payment page, instead of entering bank details you enter a voucher code and a pin (which I will personally provide to the Winner later). But If the order value exceeds the e-Gift Voucher amount, the balance must be paid by Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking.

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  1. Can't believe I am complaining about the 10- 12 degree here in kolkata while you are freezing away !! I love the sound of it(probably more so as we do not see it here) Loved the giveaway. My mind is rambling for some yummy winter warmer for this contest. Will send you my entry soon.

  2. Wow tempting we should not post the recipe on our blogs n only send to ur mail address?

  3. Great give away Sayantani!! Even though it is summer here, I will try and conjure something for your event :)

  4. A wonderful giveaway Sayantani. will try to send of my entry soon. Happy hosting.

    today's recipe:

  5. Must be seriously cold but magical winter wonderland! Enjoy when you are there Sayantani! What a fab giveaway, I shall surely send my entry!

  6. nice giveaway , i tried to send my entry , but there is a problem please check.........

  7. i am sure you all are enjoying this different environment by keeping yourself warm at the same time. Is this your first time when you are seeing snow bed?
    Lovely giveaway ...Will surely participate..I will probably buy something for my Man ;-)

  8. Naaaiiiceee giveaway Sayantani. I'll try to cook some preparations which suits your criteria and will send you :)

  9. I tried to send my entry but there was a problem with the mail id dear ..

  10. nice giveaway... will send my entries soon...

  11. THANK YOU dear !! i have sent my entry :)

  12. Just sent you mail regarding my entry :-)

  13. Hi Sayantani, just mailed my entry.. happy hosting :)

  14. Have just sent you my entry.Sorry for being late.Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  15. Hi dear, just sent U my entry.

  16. Sayantani, send you a mail with my recipe and a pic

  17. I have just done my entry Sayantani. I hope you enjoy the warmth of my Amsul saar sent to you:)

  18. Just saw the announcement Sayantani, will mail you shortly my entry. Thanks for hosting the giveaway


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