Mango Ice Cream

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Ripe sweet luscious mango pulp mixed with creamy rich full cream hung curd and cream. Frozen and beaten to get the right consistency, and when done results in the most amazingly naturally flavored Ice Cream you have ever tasted.
This year am going totally crazy over mangoes. This is more astonishing as I have never been known as a mango loving person. Come summer I drool and drool at those prickly skinned luscious litchis and would eat bowlfuls of them in the late afternoon. I liked mangoes only when cubed and chilled and served to me in plates with a fork. Peeling the skin and sucking the juicy yellow mush is never my type. My Maa loves mangoes or should I say she is a crazy mango lover. Come summer our house would be filled with as much mangoes as she could get her hands on. She would skip her meals to have 3-4 of them. And when the fruits of her Mallika Mago tree would start to ripen she would pick and wrap each of the precious fruit with bits of newspaper and place them in a dark cold corner of the house to ripen. My elder brother and my husband both share the same love with her for which these days she lovingly sends a carton or two to Bangalore as well. Here we don’t get much variety that we do in Bengal. This year hubby almost bought all the varieties at whatever exorbitant price they asked for to lay his hand on some good quality but in vain. Finally a friend suggested the Begumpally variety, which we also found truly delicious. After dear hubby was content with the fruit in its original form I was allowed to experiment with some. And what a great mango season it has been for me. I made Amchurs, raw mango chutney, Mango Kulfi, Mango Sandesh, Raw mangoes cooked with prawns (recipe coming next) and now this Mango Ice Cream.
Before entering this blogosphere I never knew Ice cream could be made at home and that too this easily. First time I saw homemade ice cream at Deeba’s Blog I was taken aback…ice cream with hung yogurt. That was like a revelation for me and I promised to myself to make some this summer. And finally the procrastinating me has made the mango ice cream twice this summer. Both the times I made a huge batch (1 liter full cream curd) and they were gone in no time. Our friends who visited us on a stopover could not stop praising this creamy taste of the mango flavoured frozen yogurt. And we only shared it with them as the rest was devoured, not shared and licked to the last drop by my darling hubby. The person who never wanted me to experiment with his beloved mangoes now wants me to make more and more of this. This is why I love cooking…if you get it right it gives you immense joy and when you share it brings happiness and contentment to see the same joy and pleasure in the person you love. A very enriching experience indeed!

Mango Ice Cream

Full cream milk: 1 liter
Curd: 1 tbsp
Single cream: 200 ml (I used Amul’s)
Powdered sugar: ¾ cup (or as per taste)
Mangoes: 2 big any sweet mango (try to use some variety that has that quintessential sweet smell of this fruit)
Candied Mangoes: 2 tbsp (optional)
First we need to set the curd. For this boil the milk and place it in a glass or ceramic bowl. Let it cool. Once the milk is lukewarm add the curd and whisk to mix properly. Cover and leave in a dry place for 8-9 hours or over night. As it’s been pouring and the weather is cool here, I left the bowl in the oven overnight.
Once the curd is set pour the whole quantity in a muslin cloth and hang it for 2 hours or till almost all water drains out. Then put the curd wrapped in the cloth on a colander and place the colander on another bowl or plate (to catch all the whey dripping in the process). Put it in the fridge for 24 hours. The reason for this step is to drain all the whey and make it as thick as possible and at the same time to avoid the tartness or the sour smell. You can also hang it in the fridge if you can manage.
Once the curd is thick and creamy start the next step.
Peel and deseed the mangoes and put the flesh in a blender. Blend till you get a creamy pulp. Add the sugar and curd in 3-4 batches. Every time whisk to mix it properly. Finally add the cream and give it a good stir.
Pour the mixture in a flat metal or plastic airtight container and place in the freezer.
After 2 hours take it out and with a spatula, fork or hand blender give it a good mix. Try to break all the water crystals. Repeat the process every two hours for 6-7 times. (please see my note below). Before the final blending add the candies mango pieces and mix in. Finally let it set overnight. 
Serve with some cherries on top.
A Homemaker’s Note:
Once I put the ice cream in the freezer the power went whoosh and I thought that’s the end of my ice cream. If you are aware of the status of load shedding in Bangalore you would know what I am talking about. It took me three days to get the right consistency. But the end result was very very rewarding.
For some reason mine didn’t set (not even at the side) in 2 hours. so I went ahead and give it 4 hours time and then blitz the thing.
I have come to know that adding vodka and limejuice help in reducing the water crystals. Have asked hubby to bring a bottle for using next time ;-)

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