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The Diwali celebration always holds a special place in my life, as this is the only festival that all Inidans celebrate together. But this Diwali was very special in itself. This is Baby Hrishan’s first Diwali. Though he is too small to understand and enjoy the celebration but he still liked the fire works. No, not those noisy crackers but the beautiful sparkles, flowerpots and parachutes. In bangalore people start the celebration a week before. As soon as dark approaches you get to see the sky alight with lights and colours. It’s a nice site only if the noise was missing.

This diwali I dint prepare any sweet dish. My family and friends will never believe this satement. But that’s true. Actually I was so busy in cleaning all the dirts that accumulated in my absense I forgot to plan anything. (Well that’s not the reason of not making sweets. better nobody asks me why I munch on a handful of grapes when I crave sweets), It only hit my mind when Maa called up in the morning. Thought of making something quick yet tasty.

I soaked some Kidney benas or rajma the night before to make Rajma masala, the only recipe I know with Rajma. so planned to make Rajma Paratha. Both hubby and me like stuffed paratha. It’s easy and does not require much accompaniment. Mostly a bowl of raita makes it complete. But cooking the Filling, kneading the dough, stuffing, rolling frying is quite some tiring work. One of my North Indina friend has introduced me to this type of stuffed paratha where you cook the stuffing and knead everything together. I find it very easy and these parathas make theor way to our dinner table quite often.

This Rajma paratha came out looking and tasting really nice. Hubby liked it very much and asked when am I going to make it next. As it was the Diwali eve so I made some Shahi Dum Alu and salad.
Here is the recipe.

Rajma Paratha (Kidney Beans stuffed Indian Flat Bread)

JFI: Rajma hosted by Divya. Indira of Mahanandi started this.

Kidney beans: 2/3 cup
Whole-wheat flour or atta: 2 and 1/2 cups
Onion: 1 medium
Ginger garlic paste: 1 teaspoon
Tomato: 1 small
Ajwain (aniseed): ½ teaspoon
Green chillies: 2
Curd: 2/3 cup
Oil: 3 teaspoon and extra for frying
Coriander leaves
Salt: to taste

Method: first you need to prepare the kidney beans. If you are using canned ones then just wash them and you are ready to go. Otherwise wash and soak the beans at least for 8 hrs. Then pressure-cook it with salt for 7-8 whistles. Drain and keep aside.
Chop the onion and chillies and keep aside.
Whisk the curd with 1-cup water and keep covered.

Heat the oil and add the green chillies and onion. Once lightly browned add the ginger garlic paste, salt. After 2-3 minutes add the chopped tomatoes. Once the tomatoes get cooked and the whole masala becomes like paste add the rajma. Give it a good mix so the rajmas are coated with the spices.

With the back of your spatula mash the whole thing. Cook for 5-7 minutes till its dry. Let it cool.

Take the flour, ajwain, coriander leaves and the cooked rajma in a big bowl. Mix it and then according to need keep on adding the ghol or the curd mixture. Knead and make soft dough.

Divide it in 9-10 equal portions and dust with flour.

Roll the portions into discs. It would be thicker than normal roti.

Heat a pan and place one paratha on it. Cook till brown spots appear on each side.

Add little oil and cook till light brown in colour. Make the rest of the parathas and keep them covered or wrap in foil.

Serve hot with any side dish of your choice or simple curd raita or pickle.

Am sending this stack of parathas to

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  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by...this rajma paratha sounds like a great idea..must try it for my son's lunch !

  2. Ek shonge mekhe newa ta darun idea. :-) Dekhei tasty jana jacche. :-)

  3. Dekhte ki bhalo lagche, ekdon dhaba style

  4. looks wonderful and easier than the usual stuffed parathas. That Shahi Aloo looked awesome too...

  5. I love rajma. But only problem I face using them is a long wait first for leaving them in water. Then boiling them. Rajma takes such a long time to boil. I will try these paranthas next weekend for Sunday breakfast !!

  6. Thanks for visiting me. Amio tomar blog e subscribe korlam.

    real neat idea for the paratha. eta ekdin weekend e banabo! besh jhal jhaal achar diye khabo.

    Soma (www.ecurry.com)

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my place. This looks GORGEOUS...you are an expert in the kitchen i see : )...

    I must try making this as almost all the ingredients are available. I will have to use whole wheat flour as I don't think I can find Atta flour here.

  8. Loved the idea of combining cooked rajma with atta to make paratha, sounds and looks delicious !


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