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Amar Birpurush (My Brave Boy)

Rabindranath Tagore
Mone karo jano bidesh ghure
Maake nie jachi anek dure
Tumi jacho palkite maa chore
Darja duto ektuku fank kore
Ami jachi ranga ghorar pare
Tagagie tomar pashe pashe
Rasta theke ghorar khure khure
Ranga dhuloy megh urie ase…

…Amon samay ha re re re re re
Oi je kara asteche daak chere ।
Tumi bhaye palkite ak kone
Thakur debta smaran korcho mone
Bearagulo pasher kantabone
Palki chere kapteche tharo tharo
Ami jano tomay bolchi deke‘ami achi bhay kano maa karo…’

just imagine mother, that you and i
are travelling far (can't remember why)
your palanquin's rocking to and fro
with four beherAs going heiyA-ho
besides them i am trotting along
on my little red pony, singing a song.

just then the cry: "hAre re re re re"
you can hear them charging; utter disarray
beherAs running helter skelter
you pray to heaven for divine shelter
but i tell you calmly, "mA don't worry!i am here with you, now _they'll be sorry!"

God has blessed us with a beautiful gift…a cute little prince. He has made us complete. Though our life has taken a 360 degree change but whenever we hold him we found our world right there. The spark in his eyes, the toothless smile, the innocent smell and the warmth and softness of our little one makes us thank God for everything. It’s a wonderful feeling to have him in our life, to come home to see him play, to hold him with amazement and to love him to our hearts content.

In the meantime the kitchen is buzzing with activity. Maa and MIL are busy in cooking. Flavorful nutritious meals are being made for me and the visitors are getting delicious snacks.

Life is beautiful. I thank God for being a woman and being able to give birth.
(picture courtesy www.4to40.com)

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  1. Congrats! I assume this is recent news. Lucky you getting to eat moms made food. :-)

  2. Congrats. So that is why Moms are here and you were missing :)

    Loads of best wishes and love for the baby

  3. Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.


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