Lal Mishti Doi

12:55 PM

My mother and mother in law are arriving tomorrow morning. I cooked some dishes beforehand today to save the time tomorrow. But whenever it’s my in laws and deserts am in a big dilemma. They don’t like sweets and for us no meal is complete without some sweet servings…be it chatney, mishti (sweets), payes (rice pudding/ kheer) or Doi (yogurt), we atleast need something. After much thought I decided on this baked lal mishti Doi that is Kolkata style red sweetened yogurt… easy to make, good for health and tastes heavenly.

I believe no account of our famous Bengali sweets is complete without a eulogy to its quintessential Lal Doi. Even one of my Customer’s husband used to enquire about where he could get some good mishti Doi in Bangalore to which I had no answer. I have tried several shops in Bangalore for a bowl full of this divine yogurt but none could match a fraction of its blissful taste from Bengal. In Bengal we generally never try to make them at home as almost each and every mishti’r Dokan (sweet shop) sells these in small-unglazed earthen pots. But what to do when you are desperate and away. So this desperate housewife this time tried her hand to make her own version of Lal Doi. This has come out so well that I had to lock my fridge tonight and now am thinking where to hide the keys away from my husband.

Baked Lal Mishti Doi

1/2 liter full cream milk

1/2 can Sweetened Condensed Milk, I used Milkmaid
1 small cup sugar
½-liter Yogurt.(preferably thick like Nestle)

First you can choose either to use canned yogurt like Nestle or can make your own at home. I used another 1/2-liter packet of full cream milk to make the yogurt at home.

Beat the yogurt till smooth. Keep it aside.
Boil the milk till it thickens a little bit. Mix in the milkmaid and 2/3 cup sugar. Let it boil on low heat.

In a heavy bottomed pan take the remaining 1/3-cup sugar and caramelize it. When the colour turns deep golden brown mix two big ladle full of boiling milk to it. Stir vigorously to avoid forming of any lump. Mix this to the milk mixture. Let it cool.

Mix the yogurt and the milk mixture together. Take them in an ovenproof dish and cover with aluminium foil.

Pre heat the oven and bake the mixture at the min temperature (100-120C) for about 1 hour or till its set. Let it sit in the oven whole night. In morning take it out and refrigerate.

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  1. Mishti doi barite baniyecho?! Great! Puro 1/2 litre doi lage? Ekbar banatei hobe. :-)

  2. Hi Sayantini,

    my first time here..doi ta darun dekhtey and one of my favorites, ami defientely try korbo

    kudos to you for wearing many different hats an d excelling at all:)

    visit me @Meenal's kitchen

  3. Thanks Meenal for visiting my blog.
    @sharmila. ami anekjoner jonyo baniechilam bole 1/2 ltr dudher doi niechilam. tumi kam nitei paro.

  4. Eta ki mocrowave e banano jabe ? darun recipe mishti doi bari te bhabai jaye na ....

  5. A first time visitor tomar blog e!
    Mishti Doi er recipe dekhe lobh shongboron korte parlam na...
    looks fantastic!
    Achha eta ki microwave e kora jaye?

  6. Microwave e kara jabe kintu convection lagbe.

  7. Hi Sayantani,
    You have got a wonderful blog.. I stumbled by chance and now I am hooked.
    I tried making misti dahi.. I baked it at 190C for 40 mins and left it to settle overnight. The proportions were good but the dahi tested powdery..MIL said that milk got curdled because of the baking... can you suggest where I went wrong? The lowest temperature is 180C is my oven. Please help!! I would definitely want to make it a success as it is every one's fav at home.

  8. @Archana, thanks for your comment and for trying this recipe. Sorry that your doi dint taste right. I guess the milk got curdled even before you started the baking process.
    This doi is very different from the normal baked mishti doi or yogurt and generally the min temp. for ovens are 100C. if you bake it at more than 120 you will get baked yogurt which is very very dense and drier than this one. Check your manual if you could decrease the temperature further. hopefully that will work.


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