Patpatar Bora (Jute Leaf Fritter)

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Yes, One more jute leaf recipe is here as I could not finish the big bunch that my brother sent from home.

This is one of the most common recipe of jute leaf prepared all through Bengal.The Slimy texture of the leaves are best dealt by deep/ pan frying. Everyone at home love this recipe with the regular dal-bhat-mach (Rice-lentil-fish). Often when my father is home I have to add very finely sliced onion to the batter as he is averse to any fritters made with leaves, (some people never grow up I tell you ).
Now there are actually two ways of making these fritters. One, you just dip the leaf in the batter and deep fry. Two the way I am doing here by chopping the leaves and mixing it with chickpea flour. I prefer the second method because that way you will consume more greens and less flour.

Here is my simple recipe.

Paat Patar Bora (jute Leaf fritters)
(serves 10 pieces)

Jute leaves: 2 cups (lightly packed)
Besan or chickpea flour: 1/4 cup
Rice Flour: 2 tbsp
Salt as per taste
Nigella seeds: 1/3 tsp
Chili powder or chopped green chillies: as per your taste. (I mix the chili after I fry 2-3 pieces for my 4 years old. )
Bi-card of soda: 1/4 tsp
Turmeric: 1/3 tsp
Poppy seeds: 1 tsp (optional but adds a nice crunch)
White Oil or mustard oil for frying

Discard the stems and separate the leaves from the stalks. Wash and drain thoroughly. Chop them real fine and keep aside in a big bowl.

To this add the salt and mix. Now add the flours, turmeric, chilli and nigella seeds. Mix everything with hand and mash slightly. Add little bit of water at a time to make the batter scoop-able.  I added 3 tbsp water in total. Sprinkle the poppy seeds if using and add the soda. Mix.

Heat enough oil in a pan or kadhai for shallow frying. Once the oil is hot Take a tsp of oil and mix this to the batter. This will help the fritters keep crisp for quite some time.

Take little batter in your hand and carefully place in the oil. Fry on medium for 30 seconds, then flip it using a spatula and press them to make little flatter (as shown in picture). Fry till both sides are golden and crisp. I prefer to fry 3-4 at a time.

You can alternatively deep fry them in batches.

Serve hot with tea or as an accompaniment to your monsoon meal.

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