Chaltar Raita or spiced Elephant apple

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Finally am back home after a whirlwind tour and my kid brother's wedding ceremony. The last two weeks went in a blur, filled to the brim with work, fun, travel, decking up and food food and more food. Everyday started way too early and ended quite late at night making us tired yet drunk on happiness. But now that it all is over I feel content that not a single thing went wrong and everybody enjoyed themselves while feeling comfortable with all the arrangements.

The next few weeks am planning to stay at home and enjoy the beautiful memories of meeting so many dear ones after such long time. So here is a quick post. A local traditional recipe hailing from my native village on the Coastal side of West Bengal.

Chalta'r raita or Elephant apple cooked with chili and mustard paste is a condiment that brilliantly pairs with rice and curries. The tangy fleshy fibrous pieces of tender Chalta complements so well with fresh chillies and mustard. It's alsmost like an instant pickle which could be stored in refrigerator for a few days.

Chaltar Raita

Chalta or Elephant apple: 1
Mustard paste: 2 tbsp
Mustard oil: 4 tbsp
Red fresh chillies: 3-4 or as per your heat quotient
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp
Sugar: 1/2 tsp

See this post and prepare the chalta as mentioned. After you peel and slice them wash them under running water. With something heavy like a pestle or rolling pin smash the pieces few times. Do not disintegrate them completely but just make them flat. Boil for 8-10 minutes with salt, turmeric and little water till they are tender. 

Gently pound the chillies and keep aside.

Heat oil and add the mustard seeds. once they start to splutter add the chalta. Stir and cook with little salt and turmeric. after a couple of minutes add the mustard paste and chili paste. Mix and cook on low for -10 minutes or till you see oil separating at the sides. Mix in the sugar and adjust the taste.

Take off and serve.
Tastes best after a day or two as the fruit absorbs all the spices and flavours. 

A Homemaker's Notes:
Use Mustard oil, thats mandatory for the taste and flavour.
Adjust the chili as per your preference but it should be little hot for best taste.

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