Bok Phool Bhaja (Agati Flower Fritter)

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Yesterday was Mahalaya and hence the count down to Bengal's biggest festivities The Durga puja has started. Right now we are going through the final sorting of the new clothes, accessories, matching bindis, shoes and makeups. A detailed map has been devised to cover the famous pujas around the town along with the pit stops t gorge on the puja special dishes offered by city's famous restauranst. Yes you can feel the suppresses excitement bubbling inside everyone, waiting for Soshti, the first day of Puja to burst open and make merry with friends and families.

Like everyone else I also did my puja shopping. Mainly for the kids, dresses, shirts, denims, matching hairbands, shoes, belts for them but somehow this year all the humdrums around me is not touching me. Nothing, not even the happy faces around me, the twinkling light around the neighbourhood or even the changing cooler weather is making me elated. With the husband away and with so much to take care of am just relieved that 10 days of holidays at least will ensure no waking up at wee hours, not to deal with the bunking house helps, chasing the kids to eat, bathe, sleep, study and everything...

So while all of you will deck up, eat and giggle while pandal hopping, I probably will catch up on all the lost sleep and in between that will relax with my favourite books that has been piling inside the Kindle. 

This Probably is my last post before puja though this mundane recipe has no connection with any festivities. But thats the kind of days am looking forward for the vacation. To be comfortable in my own skin, eat, sleep and relax with my family.

Bokphool or Agati flowers is a loved delicacy in Bengal. We generally make a simple batter fried fritter with them and enjoy with Rice and lentil. The leaves of these plants are packed with nutrition and in Ayurveda is known for it's many healing properties. I have asked my vegetable vendor to bring me a bunch and I want to make a simple dal with it for the family.

Bok Phool Bhaja

Bok Phool: 20 pieces
Chickpea flour or besan: 1/2 cup
Rice flour: 2 tbsp
chili powder: 1/3 tsp
Nigella seeds: 1/4 tsp
bi carb of soda: a fat pinch
Oil for deep frying

First you need to clean and prepare the flowers. There are two ways, some like to keep the stem of the flower and just clean the tentacle. To do this gently open the tip of the petal and hold the tentacle, fold it at the base and gently break from the stem. Keep the flower as it is. I do not prefer this method as I fear that tiny insects can hide in the crevices of the stem which might not go away after washing. Also the stems are kept only to keep the flower intact, these are discarded while eating.

I prefer to remove the stem along with the tentacle from the base. hold the petals at the base and wash them under running water. Shake the excess water and keep aside on a plate arranged side by side. 

Heat enough oil for deep frying. 

While the oil is heating make the batter by mixing everything but the soda. Whisk everything then add 1/3 cup water and make a semi thick batter. Dip your spoon in the batter if it coats the back then you know your consistency is right. use more or less water to achieve this. Add salt as per taste and just when the oil is hot add the soda and 1 tsp hot oil to this. Mix and dip one flower by holding the bottom. Cover it completely and carefully place in hot oil. Fry on medium on both sides till golden and crispy.

Serve out of the pan as otherwise the flowers will start releasing water and the crispiness would be gone.

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  1. Amar daruuun priyo. .Barrackpore station r kache ak bhai r kach theke kintam..akhono sekhane gele amake o diye dye.r poisao nebena...bhison muchmuche dekhte hoyeche. Duto nilam

  2. It looks beautiful. Have heard of Kumror phool but never this one. Thanks for sharing - learnt something new.


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