Hot Chocolate

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Chocolate being a proven mood lifter it's definitely not a surprise that we crave for it when the weather is dark and gloomy. Be it the chilly winter nights or the rainy gray days every time you are home bound you find solace in a mouthful of this delicious treat.

Drinking chocolate from a specific brand that comes in a bluish purplish tin container was a big part of my childhood. Maa made cakes, sondesh, homemade chocolates and even sprinkled it on Gajar ka halwa for the stubborn kid in my brother but never did it find it's way to what it is intended for. That creamy luscious cocoa coloured heaven that gives you a brown mustache below your nose was discovered by me at a friend's place. Her mother served us each a cup of this luscious drink on a very cold evening in December, while we were busy preparing for our exams. I instantly fell in love with it and collected the recipe from her.

Now my whole family loves it. I mean whats there not to love. It;s creamy, it;s chocolatey, it's sugary and when you float a few marshmallows on's like a fluff of sweet clouds, promising you to uplift your mood on any given day. All you need to do is, Just give it a chance.

For a better mouth-feel make sure to use the best chocolate you can lay your hands on. Preferably dark chocolate with high cocoa content. Also adding a splash ( a big splash is better) of cream will make it velvety smooth.

Hot Chocolate:
(Makes 2 cups)

Milk (preferably not low fat): 11/2 cups (Use 1/2 cup cream for a more creamier version)
Chocolate: 100 gms 
Cocoa powder/ drinking chocolate: 3 tbsp
Sugar: 2 tsp (for kids we prefer it with no extra sugar)
Water: 1/2 cup
pinch of salt
Cinnamon powder/ vanilla optional
Marshmallow: for serving

Mix the milk, water, cocoa powder and sugar  in a saucepan and start heating it. Stir constantly to break all lumps of cocoa powder. once it comes to a boil, decrease the heat to minimum and add the chopped chocolate. stir to melt it.

If you are using any flavour then now is the time to add. once the chocolate is melted add the cream if you are using and give it a good mix. Switch off and add the pinch of salt. Mix and pour in cups. Float a few marshmallows on top and serve.

Drink them hot and experience your rainy day blues making way to a sunnier happier you.

Sending it to KFB's Monsoon event.

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  1. I am down with fever for last 3 days..seriously want this drink now...looks so tempting


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