Cooking for Twist of Taste; a dream come true opportunity

4:02 AM

"Sometimes the dreams that come true, are the dreams you never even knew you had."

While I was busy with my responsibilities as a daughter, wife and mother and trying to squeeze out as much time as possible for my passion for food and blogging I never thought what plans God had for me. It started with a mail, not a regular one but a mail where someone asked me if I was interested to cook with Michelline starred Chef Vikas Khanna for an upcoming show. Initially I was sceptical. Is someone joking with me? was my response but after a few phone calls later I was sure it was genuine...then after some more discussions, exchange of ideas, some changes of plans one evening I got a call from the team. Can we shoot tomorrow, is all they asked. I was clearly not prepared but the humble Chef himself talked to me and assured of his guidance to help me out.

The day was very cloudy and inbetween incessant rain I set out for the proposed venue. The location was on a boat on River Hoogly with Kolkata's most iconic bridge in the background. The most picturesque venue one could think of in whole of Kolkata. and there I cooked, not alone but with my most favourite chef, my Food Hero Vikas Khanna. 

It was a dream come true moment for me to meet this uber talented yet so very down to Earth person. He has such infectious energy and passion for food. With that warm smile he makes you believe in yourself, makes you do things that you could never imagine you could. spending just a few hours with him and listening to his stories that he believes tells something about life made me change my outlook towards World.  

The show Twist of Taste with Vikas Khanna is being aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM. I am so very proud to be a small part of this show, their Kolkata episode. but more than that am grateful for this opportunity to meet this unique person with a heart of gold.

do watch me and the show and accept y gratitude for reading my posts, for trying my recipes, for writing to me, for loving me and Thanks for being there. 
Thank you my readers. I owe you big times.

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  1. oooooommmg....out of words....omg!...
    Awesome and congrats:)

  2. When was/will this show be aired? I would love to watch it! I enjoy Vikas Khanna's shows!

  3. Congrats my friend! you deserve all the kudos! Will watch it tomorrow.

  4. Congrats,when I was in school I went to this Hooghly river,golden memories,superb boating we had

  5. wow ! congratulations Sayantani ! this is so exciting. see you on the show soon :)

  6. Great ! If you do something with full gusto, it is bound to be good ! Congratulations !

  7. Congrats on the opportunity dear... so happy for you! :) You do deserve it for the awesome work you do on the blog...

  8. All the very best..Nice to see you with Chef.. May God Bless you in everything you do...

  9. Sayantani - this was an absolute proud moment. Kudos girl! Way to go....

  10. Great to see us a SUCCESSFUL CHEF ,as a little girl I remember my grandpa alwz telling me to invoke for RANADEVI ,GODDESS of cooking before always starting your cooking . I pray that RANADEVI blesses you with loads of ideas and abundance

  11. Hearty Congratulations Sayantani. I have visiting your blog on several different occasions and have enjoyed your posts and browsing through your lovely and exquisite cuisines.

    It sure is a delight to see you share space with Chef Vikas Khanna. Wishing you a beginning of many such milestones and a great journey ahead.


  12. Completely well deserved..... And a huge congratulations!!! Your recipes are always fool proof and ALWAYS a hit!!!

  13. Dont know how to thank you ladies. Heartiest thanks to all of you for being there.
    Shrutti will pray to Ranadevi from now onwards.

  14. Wow! Lucky you:)
    He is one of my most favorite celebrity chefs too!! I will try to find the show online and watch it. Congratulations!!


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