Sun dried tomato...while the Sun shines

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and the best way to enjoy, is to make a good use of it. 
Just a few days back we had severe heat wave in Kolkata. We huffed, we puffed and we panted to catch our breath the whole day. and the famous Kolkata humidity made it even worse. While the ac continuously hummed and we survived on cucumber and yogurt diet, checking the weather forecast became an habit. We checked every 3-4 hours as if our prayers will be answered and the weather will change within hours.

when that dint happen, this brilliant idea came to my mind. Its not like the first time I sun-dried tomatoes but somehow never could manage the process when the sunshine was plenty. The earlier house was rented and they had this huge canopy on the rooftop. The balconies did not get enough heat from sun. So generally I used to sundry them partially and then put in the oven to take care of the rest. 
The sonny boy painted the tomato and was so pleased with the outcome :-)

But this year I sun-dried them on our rooftop. The heat of the sun shriveled the tine tomatoes almost in no time. 

Though there is no recipe but here is the small process that I followed. Do it while the sun shines and then pour them over some good homemade bread and make a sun-dried tomato Bruschetta. 

Make it...Have can always thank me later.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes: 2 punnets (or how much you want)
Olive oil: 1 small jar full
Garlic cloves: 4-5 fat cloves
Plenty of Sunshine

Wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut them in half and place on a steel or metal plate, cut side up.

Place them in direct sun for 8-10 hours or till they shrivel and the juice dries up.

Fill a small glass jar with the tomatoes and pour in the oil till they are covered. Sprinkle some slat and drop the peeled whole clove of garlic. 

Tighten the lid and let the flavours develop and the tomatoes soak the oil for at least 12 hours.

Dig in. Enjoy whatever way you want.

We love ours with freshly baked bread or in Pasta sauce.

A Homemaker's Notes:
If you don't get cherry tomatoes use smaller sized regular tomatoes. cut in quarters and follow the same process. You might have to sun them two consecutive days.

Or after a day of sunning if your tomatoes are still moist, you can oven dry them. Pre heat the oven at the min. setting and place the tray in it. dry them for 1-2 hours till you get the desired result.

Just before I sign off here is a couple of artisan breads that I baked to go with the tomatoes. Bake your own or get some from store and enjoy the simple pleasures.

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  1. Sayantani chobi gulo byapok eshechee :-) Sundried tomato amar darun lage, but ek bar oven e banate giye puriye chilam, tar por theke ar chesta kori ni. Tomar post ta dekhe ekhon amar banate ichee korcheee :-)

  2. Thanku Suchismita. banie felo. accuweather dekhe nie akdin saradin rode die dao, tarpore bakita oven e.

  3. Am waiting for sun god for making my batch of sun dried tomatoes. Well done and those breads are tremendous.

  4. Oh these sun dried tomatoes look delicious. Lovely.

  5. It looks great. Lovely clicks :)

  6. Wow... I never knew we can make these at home.. lovely idea for summer and yummy clicks.


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