Doi Begun (Eggplant in yogurt gravy)

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Are you thankful for having another normal day? Yes. A normal, uneventful day, when you dont even go out for a cup of coffee or do something that calls for a celebration. A day when you just carry on with your normal routine as an well oiled machine? Do you value that?

I know many people who complain about having such days on a regular basis. Even I did that. Its not long enough when I used to call up Maa and bitched about my life being so 'uneventful'. But not any more.

The day that made me realise this started like any other day. Sonny boy went to school early in the morning and then Hubby also headed to office. It was mid morning, I was midst of something when I received the call from him. I was not prepared for the next few minutes, He said he met with an accident, Our car's breaks failed and hit a car parked nearby. My whole body went numb and I could not speak. He kept on telling me that he was fine and how lucky we were that it happened when the signal went red or he could have hit people crossing the road. He told me how shaken he was yet still managed to keep his cool to deal with the whole situation.

I heard all these and continued to shiver. When I came back to my senses all I could do was to cry silently and thank God for saving my family. I was trembling and was continuously uttering 'Thank God, nothing happened".

Yes. sometimes we just forget to thank God for nothing bad taking place. We forget that a normal day means no one is ill, no one is in hospital, no one is hungry, no one has to do tedious work in the scortching sun or no one is going through mental trauma for any reason.

For me A normal day is part of a blessed life. A Normal day is a day without tension, anxiety and trauma. A normal day is a  day when  your family comes back home, safe and secured. A normal day is a day at the end of which you hug your family close and thank God for the most cherished gift called life.

And from now on-wards all I will ask God is to bless me with one more normal day.

Here is a very rustic everyday recipe for you. Last week I could not control myself from cooking this when hubby brought these cute baby eggplants home. Jhumko Begun. Yes, thats the name that Ushnishda told us. The name is as cute as they look and these tiny brinjals taste awesome when cooked in a gravy.

So here is my very easy recipe of Doi Begun, just the way maa cooks it.

Doi Begun
(Serves 4-5)

Baby Eggplants: 10-12 (or use bigger ones, see notes below)
Onion: 2 small
Yogurt: 1/2 cup (please see notes below)
Chickpea flour: 1/2 tsp (to prevent it from curdling) Please see notes
Nigella seeds: 1/2 tsp
Green chilies: 4-5
Sugar: 1/3 tsp
Oil: for frying the eggplants, 1 tbsp for the gravy

Wash and cut the eggplants in quarter but not cutting through the stem part. The four parts should be joined at the stem. Rub salt and turmeric in the inner and outer parts of the eggplants. Keep aside for 5 minutes.

In the mean time thinly slice the onions.

Heat oil in a pan Enough to shallow fry the baby eggplants. Fry them in batches till cooked through. Drain and place on kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.
and that's the glorious sauce Which I love with my hot hot bowl of rice.
Keep 1 tbsp oil in the pan and add the nigella seeds after lightly crushing them in your palm. This will help release the flavour. Add slit green chilies and onion once you get the aroma. Cook with a pinch of salt till the onions turn translucent. In the mean time beat the curd with the chickpea flour/besan if using. Beat it very smooth.

Take off the pan from heat and add the beaten curd. Mix properly and then put on very low heat. Add turmeric, salt and more chilies if needed and then ass 1/3 cup water. Gently bring it to a boil. Adjust seasoning with salt and sugar.

Once the sauce is thick (4-5 minutes) place the fried brinjals. Very gently coat them with the gravy. Cover and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

Serve hot with steamed rice or Roti.

A Homemaker's Note:
As yogurt is one of the main ingredient in this recipe do take care in choosing a good quality yogurt. I always use homemade yogurt (maximum 2 days old). Be sure the yogurt is fresh, creamy and not too sour.

Though I dont use Besan/ chickpea flour but it definitely prevents the curd from curdling. If you are confident no need to use it.

If you choose to use bigger Brinjals, cut it lengthwise (as in picture) and then cut 3/4" thick slices. Follow the recipe and fry them.

I always use a mix of mustard and white oil. you can use whatever you like.

The taste of this should not be very sour rather there should a balance between heat from the chillies and sourness from the yogurt with a slight hint of sweetness to tone it down.

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  1. Thissound interesting Sayantani, I will try it out. Need to go buy my green groceries tomorrow was away from home for couple of days and the fridge is empty, will look for the jhumko baingan :)

  2. Thissound interesting Sayantani, I will try it out. Need to go buy my green groceries tomorrow was away from home for couple of days and the fridge is empty, will look for the jhumko baingan :)

  3. The curry looks very tempting Sayantani!!! I loved the presentation :)

  4. hi, after my experiment with Rezala chicken last night I am going to make your yogurt baigan which look scrumptious! quick question though - I am not a fan of frying stuff and recipe does call for shallow frying aubergines which I know will suck up oil like no tomorrow. Can I roast the marinated aubergines instead to cook them through? - thanks, Snigdha

  5. try out Snigdha it should be fine. but guess the oven roating would be better if you slice your onion rather than these baby ones.

  6. Am surely gonna try it.... 😊😊


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