Nimki/ Namakpare and some Puja menu idea

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As I am sitting in my drawing room and writing this post I can hear the sound of dhak playing for the Sondhyaroti (evening divine light ceremony). Today is Mahashashti or the very first day of the 5 day long madness called Durga puja and the whole city is busy to welcome and worship the return of Mother Goddess to her paternal home on Earth. Its an  overwhelming feeling to see Maa's face during this time of aarti through the emitting holy smoke of dhup and dhuno, the dancing lights of the Pancho prodip (Five oil lamps) and the chants of mantras. There is a palpable sense of divinity attached to it that often it brings tears in our eyes and we almost can see the Goddess coming into life. 

I love to experience it every year, but this year when my whole family is away in Sagor island for our century old ancestral puja I am stuck in the city for some health reasons. But am not sad as this is not the time to feel lonely rather its the time to be thankful for what we have.

Also as am writing this post my little one is trying to finish his evening milk and snacks in a marathon speed and looking at me to bring out the new clothes and shoes that his grandparents have bought for him. He wants to go out and have fun with his friends in front of the Pandal. His enthusiasm touched me and this morning I made some crunchy salty crackling Nimki's (Indian savory fried dough snack) for him and for the guests and relatives who will visit us during or after puja.

It's a ritual to make savory snacks and sweets at home during this time of the year. A ritual that my grandmother, mother and now I hold close to heart and repeat year after year. its a time to be generous, to be hospitable and to invite, gather and feed friends and guests with love.

Here is my simple recipe of Nimki or Namakpare as known in Northern parts of India.


All purpose Flour/ Maida: 1 1/2 cups
white oil: 3 tbsp
Nigella seeds (kalo jeere/Kalounji): 1/2 tsp
salt: 1/2 tsp
water to knead the dough
oil for deep frying

take a big bowl or a big plate and pour in the flour. Rub the nigella seeds in our palm and add to the flour, along with the salt and oil. mix everything together. The mixture should look like wet sand and when pressed in your hand should stay together as crumbly ball. if that does not happen (depending on the quality of flour it might) add little more oil. This is very important for a flaky crunchy nimki.

Add water very little at a time and knead to get a tight dough, knead it for further 3-4 minutes. Cover with a bowl or under plastic wrap and keep aside for half an hour.

Once you are ready to roll take a small piece of the dough (size of a plum or apricot) and roll between your plams to make it smooth and round. Heat enough oil in a kadhai or deep frying pan.

Grease your rolling surface and rolling pin well. Smear little oil on the dough also and then roll out to a thin circle. Using a sharp knife cut in diamond shapes and scrape them carefully into the hot oil immediately. Keep the flame low and fry them till golden or lightly browned.

If you want thick non fluffy nimki then please use a fork and prick at few places on the rolled out dough. I like it all fluffed up and extra crunchy so I skipped this step.

Once they are browned take a spotted spoon and take them out, Spread on absorbing kitchen paper. 

Cool them completely before storing them in air tight container. I prefer to cover the moth of the container with one extra layer of plastic wrap before tightening the lid. This keeps it fresh and crunchy for longer period of time.

Puja Menu idea
Here are some Puja special recipes from my blog

Bhoger Khichuri


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To Nupur's Whats with my cuppa, this month being hosted at Nandoo's Kitchen.

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  1. Delicious collection of recipes , Love to try your version of Nimki.

  2. very very delicious and crispy snack :) love to munch some now !!

  3. Nimki looks crunchy and yummy.

  4. Sayantani.... Pujo r onek onek shubhechha roilo for you, you little one and your family. Khub anondo koro and bhuribhoj chalao... I m missing Puja badly this year :(

  5. Nimkis are my favourite snack and hope u get better soon. Sending you loads of good health and happiness your way. Btw what a lovely header :) so pretty


  6. Subho bijoya Sayantani, tumi to dekhchi bijoya ar jonyo ekdom darun dekhte hoyechee nimki gulo :-)

  7. Crispy yummy snack,perfect with a cup of tea.

  8. Very crispy and delicious, we make something like this but we don't add onion seeds, I would love to try this version..


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