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Jayati Saha Another Kolkata based food blogger started her blogging journey very recently, but you cant make that out from her blog. In less than a year she has built up quite a collection of recipes, especially a wide variety of Non-vegetarian dishes. She is a busy working mom and an adventurous foodie in the kitchen. though am yet to meet her but going through her food journey through her blog makes me feel like I connect to her on a personal level. Her son (like mine) is the biggest inspiration and contributor behind this blog. He inspired his mom to collect the recipes on an online platform so that her great skills are shared with the world. What a beautiful son he is. No wonder her blog is called Jayati and Tito's food journey. being a mom I so want to meet him and bless him from the bottom of my heart.
Here is a small excerpt of a conversation with Jayati Saha.

1. Let us know a brief about yourself.

Hi, I am Jayati, Working as a senior project manager in one of the top corporate house in Kolkata. Prior to that, I was working in Singapore, where I have developed my cooking skill to beat boredom and loneliness.Opened my blog experimentally on my son's request, who is also the chief architect of my blog, but now literally hooked into it!!! Trying to balance work, life, family as well as blog..but no.. I am not complaining.. I love the way it is happening !!
That's all friends !!

2. how did you get attracted to cooking and what was your first dish. 

All my family members, both dad and Mom side are great cooks, starting from my Dida, 3 maasi, 2 pisi, mom and Thakuma. Even my dad makes fabulous fish fries, which is just out of the world. So I think, cooking is in my gene. As far as I remember, when I was in class VI, I made tea. I also remember making watermelon juice during summer holidays. and I consider those as my first dish.

3. who has been your biggest influence.  
My biggest influence was my dida and thakuma. Both of them were just awesome cook, infact I learnt the basics of cooking from my thakuma, who gave me hands on training after my Madhyamik and higher secondary exam.

4. How did you start your blog
The blog started accidentally. As you know, I am having a high stress job and cooking is to some extent therapeutic for me. However, I was a bit frustrated the way I was leading life. Only going to office, handling deadlines, shouting, handling office politics so and so.. and no creative work etc etc.. I was discussing the same with my son once. My son is a great foodie, and he has already started showing interest in cooking. He only has suggested, to collect my recipes somewhere documented so that he can refer to it. and the blog started.

5. which aspect of food blogging you love the most.
Blog aspect... hmmm.. I think it is the reaching out to different people, that I like most. I cook for my own pleasure, but somebody is following it, appreciating it,,i am getting new friends...this is something, which gives me a creative satisfaction.

6. how important for a blogger to interact with their readers? any funny incident so far.

Of course, it is very important for a blogger to interact with his / her followers. I am always eager to get feedback from my readers, and happy to help.

Funny incident....hmmm..once one lady from US asked me, Saffron being such a costly spice, how come we Indians use it in all our recipes. Her concept was, Saffron is a must for all Indian recipes. I explained her the truth, of course.

7. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years
Next 5 years in blogosphere.. hmmm..very difficult question, did not think of it. Need to think.

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