No Bake No cook Quick biscuit Tart

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This again is going to be a quick post just like this quick elegant dessert which you can make in almost no time. The original idea belongs to Saee Which she posted long back, I saw, I appreciated and then forgot all about it. Then one fine evening in The food court area of a Japanese mall I rediscovered it once again. The corner bakery which used to stock delicious french style breads, gateau and other sweet treats that they were baking fresh butter cookies and were serving then with various type of frosting  They dipped or spread white or dark chocolates on them or bathed them with royal icing before piping stiffly whipped cream on them. The serpentine Que in front of the shop with eager happy faces of kids made me realise its popularity so like all mothers I stood their with my son waiting for our turn. The 4 year old, not so chocolate loving boy of mine had a blast when the smiling lady in the counter spread out a huge tray full of different toppings. The best part is he ate it all.

So few days later just after my son's birthday when a couple of Japanese friends came home I decided to make it for them. I had everything as leftover from his birthday cake and prepared them in a a few minutes. They looked elegant and with fresh juicy fruits on it tasted devilishly delicious. So here it is a really quick no bake no cook elegant dessert for your next impromptu dinner or evening tea party.

Here I have shown both the options of either using a butter cookie which you can dip in melted chocolate or using any kind of choco pie to make it even quicker.

No bake biscuit tart
(serves 3-4)

Butter cookies/Oreo: 6
Chocolate: 1/3 cup chopped (use any chocolate like Selbourne, Morde or even Dairymilk will also do)
Fresh cream or any whipping cream: 1/2 cup
Sugar: 2 tsp (if the whipping cream is not sweetened)
fresh fruits: few, you can use colourful berries, fresh or canned cherries, fresh mangoes, pineapples, kiwis etc
any other topping like chocolate vermicelli, sprinkles etc. 
I used little matcha tea powder (green tea powder)

Melt the chopped chocolate on a double boiler or in microwave (for 30 seconds on full power). whisk to make it smooth. let it cool down for a minutes.

Take the butter cookies and dip them in the melted chocolate or alternatively take a spoonful and spread on each cookies. Place them on wire rack to cool down completely.
If you are using choco pies like Lotte or Orion then skip the dipping/spreading with chocolate part.

Whip the chilled cream with sugar till it holds stiff peak. Place it in a piping bag fitted with any nozzle and pipe a big dollop on each cooled down biscuit tart. Alternatively use a spoon and scoop up a dollop of cream to place on top of each chocolate spread biscuit.

Top with any toppings of your choice. I loved the juicy red strawberries to brighten these tarts even more.

For the left over cream and fruits just dunk them in small glass cup and sprinkle with some chocolate vermicellis. Watch your kids finishing them in no time.

A Homemakers Notes:
Try to make it fresh just before serving or you can dip the cookies in chocolate and pipe the cream just before you serve. 

Avoid putting them in fridge, The crunch of the cookies or biscuits will be gone and the texture will be lost.

If you are looking for whipping cream in Kolkata then please check this link HERE.

Sending these to Kids Delight: After School bites an event originally started by Srivalli and this month being hosted at 'the magic saucepan'.

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  1. I am drooling here Sayantani. Truely mouth watering here.....

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  10. delicious and mouthwatering tarts.

  11. oooo tats mouthwatering Sayantani and super easy too ;-)

  12. Your pictures are beautiful. Such a lovely dessert. Perfect way to impress your guests.


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