Help! Viren Needs Treatment For Leukemia

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Cancer, the worst nightmare one could have is spreading like an epidemic. I personally have lost some very near and dear ones to it. Right now my own uncles are fighting against it and you never know who is it next. Recently when my dear friend Mousumi lost her battle to this fatal disease I was shocked, scared and devastated all at the same time. She and all my relatives were diagnosed at a very later stage which made the cure rate quite bad for them. I always have thought what if we had got slightest of hint at an early stage...may be now they would have been with us today. It's such a frustrating feeling to just watch without being able to do anything. I know most of you have such similar stories around you. Which makes us bleed in our heart.

Recently Anjali of Annaparabramha has shared one such incident HERE. Her  friend Viren is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML a type of blood cancer) and needs urgent treatment. but sadly the treatment is not cheap. He needs INR 50,75,000/- (i.e. USD 105,000/- approx.), which is by no means a small amount. any middle class Indian family cannot afford this kind of treatment with their own resources. He needs all our support in raising this amount. All his childhood friends have started a fund drive for him which could be found HERE

I do not know Viren personally but I knew my friend Mousumi who had to leave her daughter at such young age and I dont want Viren's son to suffer the same pain. I am doing my bit and will also request you all to please chip in and save him. 

If you would like to donate for this cause please visit Anjali's blog for more details or check this Facebook page started by his friends. Am also sharing the details below.

If you wish to meet any of his friends in person for this purpose then any of them (mentioned below) would be more than glad to be available to meet you, whenever you find time.

Nikhil Sadanand Wange (Viren's friend since childhood)
More of Viren's friends :
yogesh kanade<>;

Cheques can be accepted in the name of  "Viren Shah"
OR "Tata Memorial Hospital"

You can also donate by wire transfers crediting into

A/C no: 9100 100 3263 7451
A/C holder: Viren Shah
IFSC: UTIB0000328
Name of the Bank: AXIS Bank, Branch- Andheri East

New a/c (Donations only)

Savings Account Number  -  912010010577759
Bank / Branch   -  Axis Bank, UTHALSAR NAKA, THANE
IFSC Code                 - UTIB0000509

Viren's paypal account - 



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  1. cancer is really a nightmare..
    god bless her & save her from this illhealth.
    its a great post sayantani ..will check out to see wat I can do..!

    Tasty Appetite

  2. I have received the same treatment that many others suffering from acute leukemia receive—chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant.  Rapid advancement and new discoveries in leukemia treatment have made surviving leukemia more likely than it was in the past.  Other options for treatment include radiation, biological therapy and in rare cases, surgery. Curing leukemia is a difficult battle to endure, however there is hope.  With recent developments in cancer treatment, new and better ways to fight leukemia are available.  

  3. There is a new leukemia treatment used that sounds amazing. The hope is to extend it to other cancers too.
    More info is on


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