Another Break

4:56 AM

Dear Friends,
By now you must have realised that am on a break., which this time is rather taking a long time to end. Though I took the break only for a week but due to some mishap in the family I have to elongate it. I am not in a good mental frame to discuss it further but would like to thank all of you who have mailed to inquire.
Sorry to the new interested participants who mailed to join the Arusuvai chain, will soon get back to you. Also would very soon update the running round up. Thanks for all your understanding.

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  1. Take care sayantani. Can't wait for another post from you :)

  2. Ami tai bhabchilam ki tumi 1-2 weeks bole gechile ...kothaye acho tumi ekhon? Shantiniketan e acho? Kichu serious na toh. chinta e thaklam...

  3. Take car..hope to c u soon in Blogbworld:)

  4. sorry for the mishap, hope you bounce back soon.

  5. Take care Sayantani..hope to see you soon.

  6. Take care dear...hope everything is ok at ur end.

  7. Wish you all the good luck and hope to see you back really soon..Love n hugs!!

    US Masala

  8. Hope all is well with you and looking forward to reading you soon.
    take care,

  9. Wonder why no posts... Take ur time and hope everything settle down soon!

  10. So nice to see your image dear! Hope everything is back to normal at your side.

    Your post always draws me closer to my left behind youth.

    Pls post for me some quickies with boneless chicken or paneer when I'm not in a mood to think much for dinner :D

  11. @Sanju, thanks for your wishes dear. yes that picture was solely for you.right now I'm middle of a relocation and would take little time to get back to active blogging.

  12. What a nice round up - wish I'd know earlier - Would love to join the next round. Hope you feel better soon - sending good wishes and a prayer.. Priya

  13. Sayantani,
    Khub mon kharap hoye gelo tomar lekha hoyechhe? Notun jaegae notun songsar patar anondo je ki ta ami jani...tomar B'lore..thik temni amar chilo Chennai.....r tokhon B'lore chilo amader 2nd home, aajo bhulte parini seisob smiti. Kintu dekho, changes to ashei amader jibone ..setai niyom! Khub kharap lagbe jodi tumi na fire asho amader ei blogland-e ...ami/amra sobai opekha korbo..deri holeyo fire esho..kolkata-e taratari guchiye boshe abar likhte shuru koro..tomar opekhae roilam.

    Onek onek shubhechha roilo tomader sokoler jonno...



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