Baked Savory Onion crackers or Nippatu

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I guess this is the most famous cracker recipe in the Indian Food blog circuit. The original recipe was shared by Supriya of Redchillies, which went straight to Soma’s kitchen. Somehow Sharmila spotted it there. Immedieately she made them and tempted me enough with her gorgeous pictures to enter the kitchen with all the necessary ingredients. Uff that’s a long chain, (almost like Arusuvai) linked with one single recipe.

But you might think, whats so great about these that so many people cant stop making and baking and praising them? Well the answer would be please try it yourself…especially if you are a fan of onion pakoras. Even if you hate onion pakoras like me you would find these little disk from heaven absolutely delicious. It tastes even better just out of the oven…all that onion-y flavour merged with the heat from green chillies and the freshness of coriander leaves…is simply sensational. This has become very famous among friends also. Some of them even come straight to the kitchen asking for more. We generally eat these with roasted tomato and coconut chutney but tastes great even with ketchup. 

I baked it many a times at home and yes like some of you I also have twisted the recipe a little bit. Baked this batch when my father was here. When I served this with his evening tea he could not stop eating and finally when I had to stop him he said that these crackers should come with the tag line ‘no one can eat just one!’ very true to believe just bake a batch for yourself and join me when I say “ummmm, these are good”

Before I get into the recipe here is a quick reminder of the ongoing Arusuvai Friendship Chain. The pass-it-on ingredient game has already started. HERE is the link for all of you who wants to participate.


Flour: ½ cup
Whole wheat flour: 1 cup
Onions: 2 (medium)
Green chillies: 2
Curd: 2 tbsp
Olive oil: 4 tbsp
Baking powder: 1/3 tsp
Soda-bi-carb: a pinch
Seasame seeds: 11/2 tsp
Sugar: 1/3 tsp

Slice the onion very fine in half moon shape. Chop the chillies as fine as possible.

Mix flours, salt, sugar, baking powder, soda, sesame seeds, chillies and half of the chopped onions in a big bowl. Add the curd and oil. Mix and make a dough (if required add water. Do this very carefully by adding a spoonful everytime).
The dough would be thick. Knead for a couple of minutes. Cover and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven at 170 C and line a baking tray with greased foil.

Pinch small balls from the dough and place on the foil. Flatten with the back of a bowl. Poke a few holes with fork. You can also roll it out as a thin sheet and cut round disks with cookies cutters.

Bake for 30 minutes or till the sides turn light golden brown.

The marvelous savory low fat snack is ready enjoy with any chutney or sauce of your choice.

A Homemaker’s Note:
The original recipe calls for butter and all-purpose flour. But I twisted it to make mine a little healthier so that I can keep on munching on these J without guilt.

You can experiment with the flavour. Sharmila has added kasuri methi. I once flavoured it with oregano and also used red chili flakes instead of green chillies.

1. Champa's Bake off.

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  1. wow...delicious and tempting clicks...bookmarked....will try this...

  2. oh that looks crunch and spicy loving it!

  3. I love Nipattu but never made it at home and that too baked...this recipe is bookmarked!

  4. Yes, this is the most popular one and I love it too :-)The clicks are beautiful

  5. that looks quite tempting with onions and chillies!

  6. Savory onion crackers looks delicious. I too made this one with barley. They taste wonderful.

  7. I'm going to make these RIGHT now. My mouth won't stop watering, I didn't even read the recipe (just ingredients!)have to try this out. and you said baked, not fried? can it get any better?

    yummo! thank you for sharing..................

  8. Yummy onion crackers, very irresistible...

  9. These look really fabulous and yummy...sound similar to thalipeeth(marathi)taste ...will surely try...bookmarked.

  10. Nippatu in baked mode seems so healthy n delicious sayantani. very tempting pics... I make them with rice flour:)

  11. I can hear the crunch of ur munch :) Lovely Clicks..... Gurl u r back on track


  12. looks delicious...and Im extremely tempted to try making crackers at home...great pic too.

  13. They look absolutely fantastic. I love your chutney too.

    I have this bookmarked for a long time. Time to give it a try.

  14. Yup.."no one can eat just one!"
    I often make these (actually I have this in my draft) as I don't have much of a sweet tooth. love the rich golden color n the crispy look of the nippatu..I am going to bake a batch for myself!

    P.S. looking forward to see all your wonderful bread posts :)

    US Masala

  15. Love your pics and they are truly so inviting.I just can't stop eating this

  16. Recipe is very nice,very healthy way to do the crackers and lovely pics too..

  17. They look gorgeous Sayantani! I make them even if I do not have too many ingredients ... just onion, atta and some spices and even I cannot stop eating them all at one go. :-)
    Besh thanda poreche ... thanks for reminding me of these ... aajke bikeler chayer shathe baniye feli. :-)

  18. Nice clicks.. quite new to me, will give it a try with shallow frying hope it works :)

  19. new to me n looks gr8, nice clicks...

  20. OH my, these look awesome... I wish I could try them now. How did you make the chutney on top of them? It looks delicious, too :-)

  21. Sayantani,

    ki shundor protek chobi, dekhle hi khete iche hoche:-)..eyibaar ek baar to banate hobe eyita mone hoye :-)..hugs and smiles

  22. These are perfect and delicious. Love this baked version and your lovely clicks...

  23. hi. I had read all the posts on Nippattu and I like ur little tweak of making it more healthier, nice clicks.

  24. This is one of my favorite snacks Sayantani! the Chutney on top of it makes it look even more tempting. And true.. u can't eat just one of these, certainly not when presented the way u have!!

  25. Something baked and Indian should be perfect!
    Lovely looking Nippatu!..classy shots too!

    Sayantani, just now I discovered about the searches which land in my blog...straight to the post..'With love from Sayantani' you know the key search word??
    "Sayantani" :D :D that too out of 62,000 results ;-)...the post link comes 8th...interesting na??

    Hope many would get to know abt the chain and jump in soon..

  26. very nice nipattu...reminded me of Bangalore darshini....
    I like the idea of using oregano & chilli flakes.

  27. Arent these nippatus absolutely yummy ? I tried them from Supriya's blog a while back...Great to know about your bread baking :) Where did you get this gloripan brand from ? do you get it in Bangalore ? do let me know...will check on the arusuvai link, would definately love to participate...

  28. lovely dish..

    Have a surprise for you in my check out..
    Tasty appetite

  29. O ma ki shundor dekhte e gulo. I have had something similar in Bangalore, but dont remember the name. I am going to try making these, S. Jar e bhore rakha jaye?

  30. Oh, I couldn't see this! I'm hungry!! Never heard about these onion crackers but I love onion. I'm sure I would love them!

  31. Spicy and delicious..looks so tempting
    There is an award waiting for you dear..please collect

  32. Never heard of these, but you have me so tempted...I'd better bookmark these.

  33. Wow...looks amazing and very tempting

  34. Thanks for sending the chutney recipe, much appreciated and I will try soon, along with these yummy crackers :-)

  35. Made these yesterday---they vanished in minutes! Just wanted to thank you for the recipe---these will be featuring in my kitchen regularly. I added some kasoori methi to them...also I think I need to make them thinner next time, for extra crunch. excellent snack!

  36. These are "unstoppable" :-) we ate and ate and ate and then realized how much we ate. and as you said, the spices and the flavorings can be varied to give a totally new taste.

    Thanks for the link :-)

  37. I had to giggle, these crackers come from a very long pedigree of illustriuos bloggers - they HAVE to be good. I was hunting for quick and easy starters for the Christmas parties coeming up, will def give 'em a try. like the fact that they are baked and low fat!

  38. OMG, OMG, I have just baked these crackers and they are amazing! I had no time to prepare chutney and we are eating them like this. They are still warm and I am not sure we will have a chance to taste them cold...Thanks for sharing :-)

  39. Thank you everybody for thsi over whelming appreciation. am delighted so many of you liked it.

    @GB and Sweet artichoke, welcome to the Nippattu lovers association. glad that you tried.

  40. hey i tried this today...not bad for the first timer(taste wise it is yummm, just while making it flat, i used dry flour, which is making it look little time will knead the dough even harder,so that i dont have to use flour :))thanks for the lovely recipe

  41. thanks Lavina. yes knead it as much as possible to get a smooth nippattu.

  42. Wow looks yummy!!! Can't wait to try this.


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