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Do you believe in God? I do. I have faith in him for the minutest thing in my life and with his grace I never forget to count my blessings. I believe if we are true to ourselves God would always be there to help us. Remember this post where I talked about the terrible condition of my garden and cribbed about how we don’t get anyone to clean the mess? Then that weekend (next day) only a person came with a shovel asking if he could clean the garden. 
He brought couple of his friends later and cleaned all the weeds within an hour. I asked those guys to come regularly on weekends to help me with the gardening but they said they came here for construction work and will go back very soon. So still am without a gardener but hubby has promised to help in preparing the flowerbeds. Now am happy and preparing to sow seeds for the next season.
On a happy note here are some garden pictures, not much as most of the pictures are lost with my last laptop.

Also yesterday Jay of the beautiful and inspiring blog Tasty Appetite tagged me with 8 questions for 8 food bloggers. This interview is described as a rolling interview by Anthony at Flavorful World Food and drink Blog  to get to know our fellow food lovers and giving  new comers  to our respective sites a chance to see what makes us tick . Thanks Jay for thinking and passing it over to me. I find it very interactive and interesting.
Here are the answers to the questions that Jay asked:
  1. What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods?
Well being a Bengali I love our cuisine but also like to experiment with different recipes from the world.
Other favourites would be the mouth watering delicacies of Kerala and China.
  1. If you could have any four people, from any where at your place for dinner, who would they be? 
I would invite only one person, Sachin Tendulkar and then will instruct the security gourd not to let anybody else in for the rest of the evening.
  1. What made you decide to start your site?
A few things like the praise that our family always get for the food Maa or dida cook. I wanted to share the recipes and preserve it through an online journal for the next generation. Also being a part of this beautiful world of blogging fascinates me a lot.
  1. Give your Top 4 Food blogs that inspire you the most?

  1. How would you describe your site to new readers?
I believe cooking is all about passion. If they get that passion in my recipes, pictures and blog my work is done.
  1. What's the best and worst thing about being a food blogger?
Best thing is being a part of this world where peers pat your back for good work, readers try out and appreciate your recipe and Husband gets complement for the hard work that you put in (that’s Bad!!!)
Worst thing is the plagiarism…Food blogging is lot of work, which some people don’t understand and steal without blinking.
Niece 'R': A flower from my elder brother's Garden. 
  1. If you could just banish any one food, from the earth, what would it be?
It’s a Lentil called khesari (don’t know the English name). Studies show that this increases the possibility of cancer but still poor people in rural Bengal are  eating this as it is cheap compared to any other protein. Shame on us.

  1. What's the one super power you wish you had?
Anything that can stretch the day with a couple of more hours and can give little more sleep in my son’s eyes. Am tired of running and cleaning after him.

With this am also tagging some of my favourite bloggers whose life and blog fascinates me
  1. Indrani of Appayan
  2. Anjali of Anna Parabramha
  3. Preeti of Ising cake
  4. Pree of Preeoccupied
  5. Deepa of Hamari Rasoi
  6. Soomo of Oriya food
  7. Satrupa of food for thought
  8. Aipi of US Masala
I loved the questions that Jay framed so opt for this for my chosen set of bloggers. 

Switch on the best in you my Dearies...

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  1. Loved reading your post ..... God is always with us if we have a clear conscience. You have a beautiful garden. Luv all the clicks.

    Thanks for tagging me among ur favorites .... I am in cloud 9 :)

  2. Ur son is so cute and so active.. no doubt he is handful :)
    Ur garden is adorable...
    love the answers... :)

  3. What a beautiful garden you have there Sayantani. Those flowers should bring a smile to anybody's face.

  4. Loved the garden pics and all the pics of your kido...

    You have such a lovely garden Sayantani....at the same time this post reminds me how i lost all my pics when my system crashed last year, some pics i have posted on my blog 'homealone' ...

  5. Beautiful pics, your son and your niece is so cute, very adorable...and it was nice knowing more abt you,loved reading it..

  6. Hi Sayantani! You have a lovely garden! Nice to know how you feel through this post. Feel so very honored and humbled to have my blog as one of your fav blogs, you made my day!! Thank u!!!

  7. Beautiful garden clicks, ur son looks soo adorable Sayantani..

    Enjoyed reading ur answers..

  8. nice to know more of u,..:-)
    luv the pic of flowers and your son,.

  9. Wow! what a visual treat for lovely flowers. Your post inspires me to take out my shovel soon :)

  10. Wow..wat a feast to eyes Sayantani..
    Loved all your sweet answers...great to know little more about you..
    Awesome clicks..:)

  11. Sayantani, thats nice to know about you and those flowers are truly a feast to one's eyes. Ur SON IS SO SOS cute

  12. Loved reading more about you, your garden and every joy of your sayantani. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Beautiful pictures..loved reading your post and the answers.

  14. wow, you have a colorful garden. Ur niece n son look so adorable.

  15. Hey Sayantani! Thanks for the tag, am honored to know your feelings about my space, this coming from a talented person like you.

    Loved to read your meme.

  16. Sayantani, you have the most beautiful garden I have seen in a long, long time. It shows your hard work and care. You are a beautiful person not just as we see you, but inside out. Your niece and your little one are adorable. I love this post. And touched because of the way you think of me.

    Lots of love,


  17. Wow, what a touching post, Sayantani....you have such a beautiful garden, tumi ki kare manage karo eto sab choto baby niye, tomar chele just adorable and niece too...Thanks for tagging me, you are the one who inspires me all the time, I learned so much from you and still learning..God is great

  18. Wow, Nice to know so much about you today, enjoyed reading. Pictures are too kool and ur son is adorable:)

  19. Beautiful post sayantani.
    From my experience I know that growing flowers and growing fruits/ vegetables require completely different skill.. and i can see here that u have done all of it beautifully.. nice job !
    Loved all the pics of your little kiddo, especially the dhoti kurta one..he has the most expressive eyes :)

    Thanks for tagging me..am excited!!
    Lots of love..

    US Masala

  20. loved reading this post.... and u have a beautiful family... and of course we loved ur garden...

  21. HI Sayantani, Thanks a lot for tagging me ....and what a gorgeous garden you have....lovely flowers...and chotutao bhishon cute!

  22. Always like your blog dear. Beautiful snaps and appreciate your gardening skills too. cute children...looking like flowers:) Enjoyed the post very much:)

  23. Sorry for being so late in replying back dear. How do u manage yaar? Looking at home front, taking care of kiddo, Cooking, Gardening,Blogging uff long list. Khoob shundor to tomar bagan ta. Khoob dekhar ichhe...Ar tomar cheler chobi dekhe or gaal chotkate ichhe korche.

  24. wow
    Thi is the first time i am viewing your blog. Fine.
    Very interesting.

  25. Wonderful garden. Great yeild. lovely flowers. Frankly I din't read ur answers. will read them now. Was so involved in looking at the pics ;-)

  26. Hey Sayantini...Thanks for visiting my blog and for ur comments. Lovely agrden and beautiful flowers. Have started following ur blog and some of your friends too...Hope to learn more authentic bengali, oriya and bihari recipes!


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