Clams in a Fiery Red Sambal

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I never thought I would ever make this post, but this is what happens when you have a whimsical omnivore as a Husband. Last week when he was going out to the fish shop I also tagged along to buy a new sunscreen with more SPF for my swimming sessions. The market is very close to our house so we decided to walk. Once reaching there I headed straight to the second floor to buy my things. When I came downstairs saw him smiling mischievously. After being married to him for 3 and half years I know him enough to guess that there was some surprise…but this time it wasn’t pleasant enough. He bought 1 kg of clams and wanted me to cook. Now come on I know I like to cook but that does not mean I can whip up anything and everything under the sun and specially things that I have, no not only me but my whole family have not seen before. So after a lot of grumbling and cursing I sat down to google as I needed to know how to clean them first. But another surprise was there for me in store. Once I cleaned and shelled, the whole 1 kg of clams turned into as little as a handful of meat. Seeing that I decided to add some vegetable and when it comes to veggies nothing is like the generous potato to soak up all the aroma and spices. It was a quick dish as I cooked it mainly with the left over sambal from previous day’s Mee Goreng. Hubby and his friends liked it a lot and now he is planning to bring it again this weekend. So that was my brief encounter with clams and here is how I made it.

Just got this information on Clams.They are very nutritious and has a right balance of high protein, low carbohydrate. Source: 
Nutritional Value:  One pound of clams, after the shell has been removed is about 68g
Following are the 
nutrients clams have:
1. Which yields 50 calories,
2. 8.6 g 
3. 31 mg calcium,
4. 213 mg potassium
5. 9.5 g iron.
6. 10.8 mcg folate,
7. 33.6 mcg 
vitamin B-6,
8. 204 IU vitamin A

Clams in a Fiery Red Sambal

Clams: 1 kg (when shelled it yields very little, check the picture that is what the whole quantity is that too with potato.)
Potato: 1 medium
Onion: 1 small
Tomato puree: 1 tbsp
Oil: 2 bsp
Coconut milk: ¼ cup
Chilli powder: ½ tsp

First run the clams under running water while doing this check if any of it has open shells. Gently tap on the shells, if its live will instantly close the shells…otherwise discard.

Now bring one big pot of water to boil with a pinch of salt. Pour the clams in it. Boil for 5 minutes. Drain water. Again follow the same rule if any of the clam fail to open discard it immediately as that might have died long ago.

With a small knife take out the meat from the shells. Repeat with the rest and again wash under running water. Keep aside.

While the clams are boiling peel and cut the potato in small cubes. Wash and keep aside. Make paste of the onion and keep aside.

Heat a pan with the oil. Add the cubed potato pieces and fry for a couple of minute with salt.

Add the onion paste and fry on low till the raw smell is gone and oil separates at the sides.

Add the tomato puree and fry briefly for a minute or so immediately put the sambal paste and chilli powder. Fry on low till again oil comes out.

Now mix in the boiled clams and again fry for 2 minutes. Adjust seasoning.

Pour the coconut milk (keep the flame at very low or the milk will curdle). Stir in everything together. Cover and let it simmer on low.

Once the gravy is dry and the potato and clams is cooked, check the seasoning and serve hot with lime wedge.

My omnivore ate it with Chinese style fried rice for dinner and immensely enjoyed it. though I was a little scared in the beginning but now I am having new ideas to cook it.He suggests that it has a similar texture of mushrooms or soy nuggets. so next time will cook some with soy for myself too. 

Vegetarian Option: use button mushrooms or soaked soy nuggets. adjust the seasoning as per your liking.

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  1. wow..this dish sounds very interesting, gonna try this soon.

  2. you are good Sayantani. I have been scared to be anywhere near clams. This looks delicious.

  3. Sambal looks very spicy and yummy, never tried clams yet at home u know..

  4. I can totally understand you Indo and Priya. they looks kinda you know. but cooking was easy and if family is happy with such easy effort...why not. between clams have a very good protein content and is very good if cooked in a healthy way.

  5. Looks delicious.. Clams is our favorite

  6. Appreciate your courage to cook something you are not comfortable with. It is drool worthy dish. btw, hw are your swim lessons.. I just started mine last week.

  7. The sambal mixture looks delicious, I would love to try it with the potatoes or on the noodles, as in your fried noodles recipes!! yum!

  8. Wow...looks very colorful and healthy.

  9. hi sayantani,

    Sambal luks very colourfull and delicious...I love all kinds of sambal.Thanks for posting dear!

  10. Sayantani I have not ate or made clams in 2 decades as I am a veggie now. But I remember the rule to cooking clams is cleaning is always a family affair. Disposing the shells is not an easy affair too as it is huge bagfuls. Then if you are feeding more people make a gravy/ curry. If you are making for just 2 people then make a stir fry. If you are used to making mushroom is different ways. Then most of those should work for clams.

  11. Very easy to make with less ingredients but looks so delicious and spicy..

  12. very easy one.. so finally u prepared a delicious dish with clams good work.. if u like visit my space i have added one stir fry with this one

  13. Wow courageous Lady !!! Ami holo bodhay soja dustbin e phele ditam Hi hi hi hi..NEw to me looks spicy

    Tumi kon club e jao swimming korte? Ami Indiranagar e jai every weekend.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. Looks delicious but if I prepare for my family would add more chili for extra kick...

  15. Wil lgive it a shot with SOya nudgets ....thanks for sharing!

  16. I have never eaten clams, but pretty positive its a delicious one' heard so much about it...after seeing ur recipe, it very tempting, wanna fix them at home:)

  17. Orebbbbash! Hats off to you Sayantani! My relationship with clams is upto Discovery's Travel & Living ... learnt from there that the closed clams should be discarded. Barite veggie hubby ... konodin try korte o parbo na bodh hoye. Fiery sambal is just my kind of dish. :-)

  18. wow..this sure does sound new ..and interesting....though we are not much of clam eaters...

  19. This dish sounds delicious! Glad that it turned out well.

  20. Looks so good. Nice color in there...

  21. Aami clams and mussels shudu restaurant e khe chi. But I can totally understand you making this for your husband. Looks really nice. I like the flavor of sambal in your dish.

  22. Dear sayantani
    You have really made a great dish! Actually never tried Calms in this way...
    I have only eaten raw ones ,live baby octopus,squids etc with wasabi - soya sauce ..ha ha .
    Will try to cook this , if I can catch hold of some good calms.
    bhalo theko

  23. @Anjali, thanks for the info.

    @Sharmila, I understand it completely.

    @Ushnishda, ohh same with my hubby. he has eaten stewed octopus, fried bees, stir fried squids.

  24. I love the hint of spice in the clams :D

  25. Clams! Never cooked it at home, but love it when I have it in Mumbai is Mangalorean eateries - tisrya masala is a particular favourite! This looks great!

  26. never tried clams!.. this looks inviting!

  27. kudos to your patience for cleaning a kg of clams! Clams Sambal does look delicious and I bet your husband loved it!

  28. Mussels in red sauce looks very tempting. In my family, only I am fond of clams, mussels etc etc. My Hubby is not a big fan of seafood.

  29. i love clams! try clams with pasta next time.. they are a match made in heaven. sambal sounds like a great partner too.

  30. Hi sayanthani, you can use corn or wheat tortilla but make it crisp by keeping it on a low flame, i have used flour can see priya's blog, there she has shown how to make tortilla's at home..just check that, it might be useful to you

  31. Never tasted clams before, your pictures tempt me to buy some:) Very nice sambal dear.

  32. ok..will try the veg version and see :)

  33. this looks so delicious, great job cleaning and whipping up this delicious recipe :)


  35. Nice dish on clams for sea food lovers.


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