Gingery Oat and Sesame Cookies

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I am that kind of a person who needs some time for herself and I call it My ‘Me Time’. Friends pull leg, family smirks and Hubby sometimes gets annoyed but still that’s something I need solely for myself. Its not like couple of hours, (well that much is best) but even just 10-15 minutes of quiet thoughts with myself, doing something that I enjoy is enough. Like reading an article, walking in the park, spending some times with my plants etc which energizes my tired sole. But these days with my little one, even managing some 15 minutes is becoming difficult. He is naughty and sleeps very less, so the whole day am either running after him or tidying up the things he plays with, which includes everything from shoes, curtains, carpets, pens and whatever lies in front of him. Hubby also is busy with his job and most of the days come home late in the evening. Once he is back I get into the work of preparing dinner. Though I enjoy every moment but Life right now is pretty hectic. The only quiet times I could manage is when the baby naps. Recently He has finally got into a routine sleeping pattern. He sleeps for an hour after lunch and for half an hour in the evening after our stroll in the park. So in morning after putting him in bed I get a full hour to myself, which I savor moment by moment. I hastily take my bath, do Puja and then enjoy my precious moments of Zen with a cup of tea, some snacks and a good book.

I am a sucker for good books and had my best time reading them during my pregnancy when I was suggested to take rest for most of the times. The whole day I lazed around the house absent the world that I never saw. Recently I renewed my membership after almost a year and again am managing time for my books. I made these cookies mainly for Hubby to grab a quick bite between meetings but I also enjoy them with my tea and books.

These cookies are made with whole-wheat flower and Jaggery (Gur) and believe me it has an amazing earthy aroma. The combination of jaggery and roasted sesame will definitely transport you to your childhood memories of Sankranti, eating tilkut. Its very crunchy and a perfect companion for hot cup of tea.

Gingery Oat and Sesame Cookies

Whole-wheat flour: 13/4 cups
Roasted oat: ½ cup
Jaggery: ½ cup (I used normal sugar cane jaggery)
Egg: 1
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Baking soda: 1/8 tsp
Salt: 1/8 tsp
Ginger powder: 1 tbsp
Oil: 6 tbsp

Sieve the flour with baking powder, soda bi carb and salt. Mix in the oats and Keep aside.

Heat the jaggery with a spoonful of water till it melts. Add the ginger powder and mix well. Let it come to room temperature.

Beat the egg with oil till creamy.

Now mix everything together to form a sticky mixture. Don’t over mix.Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven at 160 C and line a baking tray with foil.

Make small balls from the dough and press between your palms to make it flat. Place little apart from each other and sprinkle with generous amount of white sesame seeds.

Bake for 9-11 minutes or till very lightly brown. Don’t over bake or it will become very crispy and little bitter.

Cool completely and store in an airtight container.

Enjoy with tea or in itself.

This tasty earthy cookies are off to Priya's new event Cooking with seeds: Sesame.

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  1. Dear Sayantani
    this cookie is great. Will bake some day.
    Tomar note PoDlam, KumDo pata bata khaini anek kor-e korte hae janio
    Milano te ekta service apt-e thakar chesta ke bol-e chhi, hotel e chai ..ha ha, AGer blog e je tomato machher johl ta achhe,, ota jodi kal na randhi, Ta-hol-e Italy te randhbo..
    Bhalo theko

  2. Cookies look delicious:) A great entry to the event :)

  3. Cookies looks delicious and tempting. It is perfect for evening snacks. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  4. Cookies looks marvellous dear, thanks a lot for sending this tempting cookies to CWS..glad to see ur entry..

  5. hi dear,
    me too love this sesame cookies...i used to do it with all purpose flour n sugar..your version is different n healthy too...lovely clicks!
    me-time-sounds great..but too difficult to find:( nowadays my kid is going to nursery(2 n half yrs old) i'm getting full 3 hrs:)...but that too will go by doing household chores:( fun

  6. cookies look delicious, Sayantani! perfect for an afternoon snack with my coffee. I love reading too, hardly get time to read much these days though...

  7. WOw, cookies luks super crisp and yummmm, lovely presentationw iht tea:)

  8. A good one!!Those look terrific!

  9. Cookies look fantastic,so crunchy and delicious, come out so perfect...

  10. Cookies look yummy Sayantani...will definitely make these for my li'l one.....

  11. Wow Fantastic pictures .Cookies are tempting me.I am also like you .I need some time for myself everyday.

  12. Hey.. these cookies look perfect !
    And ekdum differect entry for the event :)

  13. btw..your kid looks soooooo sweet!

  14. Thanks for your lovely and sweet comment. You are most welcome to Australia with your hubby and I shall prepare crab masala and many more Bengali dishes.

  15. @ushnishda, he he Italy te gieo randhbe? special Italian kheo amar to darun lage. between amar kumro gachta shukie geche. abar chara hoeche. ektu baro hole pata bata khaoyabo, thuri post korbo :-)

    @Rachna, thanks for visiting my page and liking this recipe.

    @Babli, thanks for the invitation. dont know when could we make for a good trip abroad. the baby is very small.

    @Priya, glad that you liked. wish you all the success with the event.

    @Sowmya,I understand your situation. I used to do the same but nowadays I tell myself that house works would be done when the baby is awake. that 30 mintes is solely for myself.thanks he is very naughty as well.

    @PJ. yes reading is my passion. love good bookd and good food he he

    @Shri, Sushma, Malar, yes the cookies are perfectly crisp. if you are making them dont overbake they burn fast.

    @Padhu and Kanchan, glad that you are liking my foodography. I drool at others pages though.

  16. thanks sayantani :)...keep following for interior retail outlets updates from calcutta also.. will post soon :).. and ur cookies look ausim..

  17. I wish I could grab one for my tea now! Such a lovely cookies!

  18. cookie looks delicious.. a nice combo with evening tea

  19. there's just something magical about dunking cookies into hot tea and that's exactly what I felt like doing when I saw your pics!

  20. The cookies looks awesome...feel like to have a bite right away..

  21. Ki korecho ... ekta snap e darun tinte jinish! Cookies, book ar chaa ... amake pathiye diyo please .. ektu aram kore boshi. ;-)
    Darun cookies banaccho Sayantani! :-)

  22. Same story here..when you say hectic I know exactly what you mean :D I have an elder one too .though both have almost 7 years difference, sometimes they end up in cat fights which makes things even worse...

    Cute and lovely cookies.a perfect entry for the event !

  23. sesame makes things better. tried and tested :)

  24. wow, ginger and sesame a nice combination. it looks so nice and crunchy.

  25. @Nags and Deepa, thanks for appreciating. love your pages too.

    @Gulmohor, oh no yours would be more stressful I know. How do you manage so many things with 2 kids.

  26. The cookies look great Sayantani.. Enjoyed reading about your kid too. These moments are precious nah? My nephew is also like that, keeps every one on their toes.

  27. hey..thanks for stopping by and for wonderful comments...hey the panchphoran mix is fine...

  28. I love oats in any form.This one is really good.Do drop by at

  29. Wow! love the have a wonderful spce Dear..

  30. Hi Sayantani

    I wanted to try these from a long time. did it finally..but without oats and egg.
    My jaggery hardened back when i brought it to room temp. Since I had put it in the flour,i was not sure how to mix it further. Thought of roasting the entire mix,so that the jaggery might melt again...but MIL said it has hardened and would not soften again.(got a smirk from her though she encouraged me to carry on :)) I thought I'd made a mess and may have to throw the entire thing...but then thought of using warm water for kneading.
    refrigirated it and then became edible finally..though the jaggery and flour are playing hide and seek and not a complete mix.
    can you give any tips for mixing the jaggery or did it not happen properly bcoz i didnt use egg

  31. @Lavina,
    There could be several reasons for this but I think you used less water while melting the jaggary. most probably your jaggery variety was harder than mine too. I used soft crumbly sugar cane jaggery variety. so next time use more water and if it still hardens add warm water to it and micro for 30 seconds and whisk. if you are not using egg then mix the other ingredients when the liquid is still warm to touch.

    Also as you are in Australia why dont you use treacle, that way you would be saved from a lot of work and get perfect dark brown colours.

    hope this helps Lavina.

  32. thank you so much Sayantani for your help, I did put very little water, will try again next time with more and surely let you know. also maybe I'll crush the jaggery and soak it in water (skip the heatingpart) that also converts it into liquid state..havent heard of treacle..will definitely find it out..

    Do accept the Butterfly Award from my blog



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