This Durga Puja Say no to food poisoning with Godrej Lal Hit

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The month September is very important for Bengalis. No matter in which corner he lives this month will make his inner bong come to life. In the cooler climates with the advent of fall and that chill in the air he still will dream of the balmy weather in Bengal and the smell of new clothes. Just looking at the calendar and realising ‘pujo ese gelo (pujo is near)’ will make him oblivious to his surroundings and long to come back home.

Yes, for us Bengalis Durga puja is synonymous to Home Coming. While Figuratively the festival honours Maa Durga coming home to her parents but in spirit it’s an inspiration to all Bengalis across the Globe to come home and celebrate the four days of puja with their family and dear ones. May be that is the reason we ritually clean our house before this biggest festival of ours. To keep it ready and inviting for everyone who come visiting.

Now in my 30s am taking that responsibility to host my dear ones during puja and an in depth cleaning spree starts as soon as the sky gets clear after monsoon. When it comes to cleaning the house my mantra is to do it everyday. Especially having two small kids mean crumbs and food pieces are strewn all over the house, cockroaches and ants feast on them and breed. It’s a known fact that they do spread food poisoning. So as a rule I make sure the hired helps cleans the furniture and keep it dust free. 

Yet still there remains some areas which are very difficult to reach. Think of that narrow gap between your cupboard and floor or the area under your sink where cockroaches love to hide and come out when you are not looking. It’s a nightmare of mine to see cockroaches crawl on the furniture or the kitchen counter. But thank God for Godrej lal hit, an well known brand to keep your house pest free. It’s deep reaching nozzle reaches even the remotest corners under the sink, under the fridge or almirah and kill the cockroaches. As a housewife am yet to find any other product that is so effective in keeping my house germ and pest free.

During the festivities my thirst areas are the kitchen and dining space and I prefer to do it myself to keep it spic and span. So without taking any risk, much before the puja frenzy starts I order the Lal hit either on Amazon or Big basket. I know I need to dole out my family favourite dishes during this time. So it’s a pre requisite to go for a week long deep cleaning throught the kitchen. From experience I have seen that this time after monsoon means many insects breeding all aorund the house in the logged waters and spreading germs and causing food poisonong. Thanks to Lal Hit and it’s deep reaching nozzles which helps me to spray it effectively It’s my only effective solution to keep my house clean inside out.

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Wish all of you a very happy Puja. May the Goddess brings you happiness and peace.

Come back soon to see what I cook in my spic and span kitchen to usher in the festivities.

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