Food Panda Cuisine Week: North Indian

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North Indian Cuisine with its ruby red hue, velvety gravy and  heavy handed use of spices and aromatics is a delicious affair.for all the five senses. The word Curry for which india is so known for in the World, belongs to this cuisine. Think of Butter masala, chicken Tikka, Dal Makhani, Dum Alu...The dishes that have made India reach the Global table were born in this region. undoubtedly North Indian cuisine is our biggest export and contribution to the World palate.

Most probably the fact that it has something to offer to everyone has made it so popular all over the World.
For example if you are someone like me with two small kids then you will start with ordering less spicy food like naan, pulao, dal and malai kebab for them and then feel free to immerse yourself in the more complex, sinful gravies that this cuisine offers. Undoubtedly The way North Indian food satisfies your senses no other food can do.

As a food loving family, we love to dine outside at fancy restaurants but with two kids at tow at times it really becomes stressful. So on a lazy weekend our best bet is to call for home delivery. and with foodpanda's App it has become very easy for us to do so. First you are spoilt for choices, from Lazeez, Bedouine, Ta'am, Chawla's to Aminia almost all the good restaurants in and around our area are offering their services through this app, against a very' min order amount' and in most cases without any extra delivery charges.

You could see the menu, order and pay online sitting in the comfort of your home, without going through the whole ordeal of changing clothes and being ashamed of your kids for ruining the ambience of the restaurant. Not to forget the service is very prompt and professional.

As for the pocket pinch be assured to get great deals with the coupons offered by the Foodpanda App.If that is not reason enough then let me tell you, that you can even pre-order and Pay cash on delivery.

The last time I ordered our favourite biriyani and kebab from Nausinjan, it got delivered in little over than an hour, that too during the most rushed weekend service. We enjoyed our freshly made delicious meal almost piping hot. and most importantly we could lovingly watch the kids enjoying their share all messy and drippy with gravies and crumbs.

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