2 Awards, 7 Secrets and some Garden Pictures

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I have been showered by 2 fabulous awards from 2 of my good blogpals. These are awards that I have been eyeing for quite sometime and finally they are here to grace my place. Thanks a lot friends, it feels great to be recognized and motivated by you all. When I started my blog I was never thought I would ever get this much of appreciation, love and encouragement. Thanks to all of you beautiful people out there who cook with a passion and feed with love.

The first one, Beautiful blogger Award, came from extremely talented Dolly whose place has some real delicious and comforting recipe collection. Once there you would be tempted to visit again and again. To believe me just go HERE  Thanks Dolly for your kindness.
The second one Kreative Blogger Award, came from lovely S of Art, food and travel Chronicles. Her space is a real eye candy as she whips up the most amazing baked goodies. She is a bona fide Daring baker and an excellent Tanzore Painter. Do check her space once HERE and you would be hooked for life. Thanks S for your generosity.
Now as the rule book says we need to share 7 of our darkest secrets, ok not darkest but secrets that nobody knows. That’s a real difficult task. Well here it goes…in between reading enjoy some of my Mother’s amazing winter garden pictures.
1.I am a very big fan of Sachin Tendukar.My madness was beyond imagination during school and college days, when I used to have some 65 posters of this ace batsman, no vacant spot was visible on my room walls and I used to celebrate his birthdays with my meager pocket money.

2. Mine is an arrange marriage and when My husband’s family came to meet us I decided to marry him even before talking to him, and the secret and sole reason was ‘He looked like Sachin Tendulkar’ J. But later when I talked to him I realized the guy had a heart of gold and is a real keeper.
Maa's Collection of Chrysanthemum
3. I love cleanliness but am lazy. Though I keep everything clean and take a minimum of 15 minutes of bath everyday but the last time I visited a beauty parlor was during my marriage and that’s 3 years before.
4. I am very family centric person. I love to be surrounded by my near and dear ones and like to do little things for them.
Some more from Maa's Garden

5. I have cherished some real good designing success. I used to design for some very big International brands and even have designed a re-launch collection for a reputed European brand which was very successful among its target groups.
6. Being true to my star sign (Libra) am a big dreamer. One of my cherished dreams is to settle in some hilly area and having a moderately big farm. Recently when we went to Chikmagalur and stayed in a big farm cum resort, I decided to start my own resort somewhere near Digha or Darjeeling. I even planned the entire setup cost, earning channels, staffing and even the menu. Then reality bit me hard in the form of my Hubby.
7. in case of running house I follow my Maa blindly. Like her my pantry is always well stocked with rice, lentils, flours and other essential items. I do a monthly grocery shopping and a weekly vegetable and fruit shopping.
and these beauties belong to my small garden.

I nominate the following 7 bloggers and pass this to them. They have beautiful places and great collection of recipes.
Indrani of Appayan
Sangeeta Khanna of Health Food Desivideshi                       
IndoSunGod of Daily Musings
Sharmila of Kichu Khon

Looking forward to see what they reveal. 

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  1. I am love with your mom's garden. Fantastic especially those turnips. Lovely. Thanks for the award and great to know a bit more about you :)

  2. Congrats Dear,beautiful garden...

  3. Seems like we all are connected first through our kitchen connections and now through the award..Congrats!

    Glad to know about the list making..Sachin look alike, you are lucky :)

    The garden looks like it had good care and time well spent..

  4. Dear Sayantani, congrats on your awards. Your Maa's garden is beautiful, Does she really need to go out and buy vegetables?
    We surely have one thing in common...our pantry's are well stocked. I enjoy my grocery shopping..do u?

  5. Wow, your mom's garden is so good! Loved all the flower and vegetable pictures! Congrats on both the awards.. well deserved! and thanks for sharing it with me.. now I am thinking about my 7 secrets :) Glad to know a bit more about you.

  6. Congraz on both the awards,it was really nice reading abt u...and loved seeing ur garden as well..beautiful flowers...

  7. Ur mom's garden looks too good..thanks for sharing those beautiful clicks..congrats on ur awards..

  8. wow, wat a lovely post, Sayantani..in one post we get to know more about you and get to see a heavenly, well-kept garden..it's so beautiful..I think Your mom is a perfectionist just like you, wish your all dreams come true,dear and thanks a lot for passing these awards to me

  9. congrats on ur awards and the garden pictures look beautiful.

  10. you have a wonderful blog.you can visit my blog and give ur comments.

  11. Oh my god!!I love those flowers in your garden..

  12. Anardana is available with all leading grocers. I have given this ans in detail at my blog.

  13. Congrats for the awards!!! Thanks for your recent comment on Isabgol in our blog, saying doctor, said to avoid as it sticks in inner body part, could be right, when you do not drink enough water to flush it out of the body, it tends to happen, as well as it also depend on individual body...Any natural laxative be it Isabgol or flax seeds will need large amount of water to form a bulk, if you do not drink enough liquids, things go wrong too.. Please also read our disclaimer..This article is for general information only and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your medical doctor to see if this will work for you. " Works different on different individuals"
    Laxatives may be habit-forming if they are used too often or for too long. This can lead to damage of intestinal nerves or muscle tissues. Do not take psyllium for longer than directed on the label or prescribed by your doctor.

  14. @Indo, I know you love gardening and am in love ith your veggie patch too.

    @Ruchika, Yes you can say that ;-)

    @Pari, I simply love any kind of shopping. Buy-o-logy is the best medicine for me. ;-)
    and also thanks for the info on anardana.

    @Indrani and PJ, always welcome dear. I love your blogs.

    @A2z, yes you are right that relative of mine used to take Isabgol out of habit as he was having a recurring problem. and drinking enough water is also important. these are things that we used to follow earlier. thanks for reminding and bringing them in discussion.

    @Kitchen Queen. checked your blog ad like your recipe collection. nice space keep it up.

    @Vrinda, Priya, Shri, Sushma and Saju, thanks a lot friends. I never thought my blog will be read but its your love that keeps me going. thanks a lot.

  15. Yup! Ragi is good any day compared to fastfood.

  16. awesome clicks...you got a wonderful space ..very versatile...i think we have same wavelenth...i'm an electronics graduate..got gold medal too..but my passions are interior n fashion designing,music,gardening,painting n goes on..keep rocking buddy...

  17. lovely award and well deserved. loved the garden....
    Great to read more about you too...

  18. Ki shundor post ta Sayantani! Jano ... amar bariteo khub boro bagan ache ... Ma kore. Winter e koto phul ar shaak sobji hoye. Tomar snaps gulo dekhte dekhte winterer bikele baganer sugondho naake pelam. :-)
    Thanks for the award. And congratulations. :-)

  19. gorgeous ,gorgeous garden!!khub sundor.

  20. 1st time here..u have nice space dear....pics are nice..n recipes are too good n yummy..especially cakes..


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