Root Vegetable Soup with Chili Infused Oil

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The last one and a half month was very hectic. It seemed we were always on a go. First, Hubby’s abroad trip, then Mil’s visit, then guests came for their son’s treatment, cooking, cleaning, attending them, visiting the hospitals, consulting the Doctors, running to the local supermarket, the fish shop, medicines shop, then the operation and God knows what…but at the end we are happy, as the boy is now cured and on his way home. But in this entire battle baby H has missed his parents a lot. We hardly had time to shower him with all the Tender love and care that he deserved. So before this weekend began we decided to keep everything aside and just to be with the baby.

As we don’t have our respective families here so all the works are to be done by two of us, and weekends are the time when we have to complete all our works that we cant complete over the week. Then the grocery shopping, the bill payment, visiting the pediatrician, sometimes friends drops in without notice or we have to go out… sometimes weekends seem busier. But this time we wanted to relax, wanted to laze around and have fun with the baby. As he is a bit grown up now so we wanted to go to Madiwala for our vegetable shopping after a long time. We thought he would love the open atmosphere and the hustle n bustle of this local wholesale vegetable market, and we were right he thoroughly enjoyed his stay there and drawn a lot of attention with all his gummy smiles and sweet babbles.

Madiwala is one of the markets I like to visit for the fresh, local and seasonal produce. You get every kind of vegetables, spices and sometime local handicrafts at a throw away price. It’s a colourful, busy but muddy market place. Today also we bought some fresh veggies but the best buy is this bunch of baby carrots. As soon as the baby had his bath, food and felt asleep I wanted to do something quick for our brunch and made this gorgeous looking root vegetable soup flavored with some chilli oil.

The thick soup with a bright colour, tasted amazing… the sweetness of the baby carrots, the sharpness of the tomato and the earthy aroma of the chilli oil gave it a rounded taste…we had bowlfuls of this with some stir fried veggies and coffee.

And here is the quick recipe

Root Vegetable Soup with Chilli Infused Oil (Serves 2)
Carrots: I used 6 pieces of baby carrots
Potato: 1 medium
Tomato: 1 small                 

Onion: ¼ of a medium
Garlic: 1 clove
Dried Red chillies: 2-3 pieces
Oil: 3 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Water: 3 cups

Wash and peel the potato. Cut the carrots, potato and tomato in cubes. Pressure-cook them with salt and water till soft.

In the mean time, heat 2-teaspoon oil and when it’s smoking hot switch of the gas and put thinly sliced dried red chillies. Keep it covered. The infusion is best if kept overnight.

Cool the veggies and puree it in a mixer till smooth. If you find it very thick adjust the consistency by adding more water.

Chop the onion and garlic as finely as you can.
Heat 1-teaspoon oil in a pan and add the garlic and onion. Give it a stir and add the puree. Adjust the salt and bring it to boil.

Enjoy in separate bowls with a spoonful of the chili oil poured on top.

Am sending this warm bowl of soup to Monthly Mingle:38 guest hosted by Harini of Tongueticklers.A brainchild of Meeta of whats for lunch honey.

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  1. this recipe is great. Keep posting- AM

  2. I love this recipe...and looks delicious. Must definitely try it out. The market you mentioned sounds wonderful...I love places like that...I just loathe the usual super market set up...its so boring and uninspiring... also glad you got to spend time with your baby H...! : ) ...

  3. wow thats a lovely soup,perfect for this weather and must be very tasty ...

  4. SOup looks delicious and creamy, loved that chili infused oil..

  5. This is a perfect recipe for the cold winter. Looks superb too.

  6. That looks really fantastic. Simply beautiful photographs.

  7. The soup looks so creamy and a nice colour..looks wonderful

  8. That's a beautiful looking soup! Tumi toh superwoman mone hocche ... ami give up kore diyechi ... break nicchi. :-)

  9. Love the chili infused oil part. Ki shundor color hoyechey soup er.

  10. Keep those recipes coming girl! The soup looks delicious:). Thanks for participating in the mingle!

  11. natural vitamin sources is to eat garlic to taste great, even better than the antibiotics he is my miracle swine flu.

  12. Great soup !! looks so creamy and perfect...and the chilli infused oil makes it even better


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