Remembering 26/11

2:31 AM

'Give Peace A Chance!'

Today is 26/11, that black day when Innocent citizens were slaughtered  all through Mumbai.... standing on this dark eve, I dont question, I dont judge or I dont comment...but am hurt, am hurt and scared as a commoner. Today I want to stand beside those who mourns the loss of their dear ones and I pay homage to those killed in that irrational brutality....

May God bless their souls, May God bless their families with strength and courage, May God bless everyone with wisdom to see the world in its true light...

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  1. i wish there is always peace around instead of terrorism and fights....Nice post and thanks for the lovely comment as always at my blog...

  2. I wish for world peace too...and wish for it even more desperately when i see the innocence in my children's eyes...


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