Mochar Pur Bhaja /Batter fried Banana blossom heart

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The most difficult part of writing Bengali recipes in English is translating the name. For instance, what I wanted to mean is a batter fried delicacy where banana blossom heart is stuffed with coconut and mustard paste and then batter fried. But writing that idea in a few words is really difficult more so for the uninitiated.  Thank God that I have a blog here to explain all that. 

This recipe is supposed to be from my Mother's repertoire but somehow I forgot all about it. The enthusiastic cook she was she had these huge files and diaries with cuttings and handwritten recipes from various magazines. This was a handwritten recipe, most probably from some friend or from her colleague. It sounded so good that, that day itself I cooked the same and loved it. It's almost like tasting another variation of mochar paturi (Banana leaf wrapped spicy Mocha)  only with a crispy outer coating. Blissful with a simple Dal bhat meal and perfect for entertaining guests on days when you need to cook a vegetarian fare.

Do try if you get fresh banana blossom. Not sure if canned ones will taste as good.

Mochar pur bhaja
(makes 4)

Banana blossom or mocha: 1
Mustard paste: 2 tbsp
Freshly scraped coconut: 4 tbsp
Very finely chopped green chilies as per taste
salt as per taste

Besan or gram flour: 4 tbsp
Rice flour: 2 tbsp
Salt as per taste
Nigella seeds: 1/2 tsp
Chili powder: 1/2 tsp
Bi card of soda: 1/4 tsp

Oil for deep frying

Clean the Mocha by following the pictorial below. First, remove the cover and take out the thin long flowers and keep aside. Keep doing this until you cannot peel the covering so easily. This is the heart of the banana blossom which is white in color and quite solid in texture.
With a sharp knife cut this in 4 equal parts. Keep submerged in salted and turmeric mixed water.

Heat some water with salt and turmeric and boil this till cooked (7-8 minutes).
Take out and drain the water completely.

Mix the mustard paste, coconut, chili paste, salt, and a little turmeric. 

Now open the banana heart as shown in the picture and place some mustard mixture in them. Do for as many layers as you can find and stuff with. Make sure not to overstuff or the blossom will burst open while frying. Now carefully close the blossom and keep aside. (Follow the above picture collage for easy instruction).

Make the batter by placing all the ingredients in a bowl (except the soda) and adding enough water to get a thick consistency. Add the soda just before frying.

HEat enough oil for deep frying, Take out 1 tsp of oil and mix in the batter. Add the soda and then carefully dip one blossom in the batter and fry on a medium flame for 4-5 minutes or till the blossom is cooked and golden brown on all sides. 

Serve hot just off the pan. It tastes good with tea or even with a rice curry meal.

A Homemaker's Notes:
1. You can prepare the blossom with stuffing and the batter separately and fry them just before serving. 

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