Kalabhat-yogurt-mango breakfast parfait

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Though as a grown up I dread summer but when I look back, Summer evokes such fond memories of childhood vacations spent at grandma's. Those were the simplest times with pure joy found in everything.
My Mama bari or maternal home is in a very remote village of Midnapore near the Coast did not even have electricity back then but we never missed it. we had friends and cousins to play with, pure unadulterated nature to explore and loving family and home to come back to. Everything was pure in what they offered. We had the most basic food foraged, caught and collected from our own farms, cooked by Dida. Even the breakfasts were simple affairs.

Bengali food has always been based on the principles of Ayurveda following which we not only include each of the six tastes to our meals for a more nourishing and fulfilling experience we also base our diet on easily digestible rice based products. Apart from various types of rice that contributes as the main carbohydrate to a Bengali diet there are numerous other rice based products like Muri (puffed rice), Chire (beaten rice), Khoi (puffed rice in it's husk), Chalbhaja (Another type of puffed rice but not as puffed and little spicy), khud (broken rice)  etc that makes our breakfast and snacks wholesome and filling.

You will hardly find a Bengali who have grew up in the 80's or before not have had Doi-chire-Aam as summer breakfast. Doi here refers to homemade yogurt and mostly chinipata doi where sugar is added to the milk before adding the culture. This Chinipata Doi often were our desserts during summer days even in our family this was served as a part of wedding meal. 

This Kalabhat parfait is born from that memory of my summer vacations and Doi-chire-aam. IF you know me then you know I do not suggest or recommend anything unless am very sure of it. And this Kalabhat parfait is a delicious thing to start your day. Kalabhat or black rice is naturally high in anti oxidant and contains anthocyanin that fights cancer and helps in reducing inflammations. Naturally gluten free, full of fiber and rich in protein content and so very versatile too. You can use them as steamed rice to pair with your curries, add in stir fries or salads, make desserts and even add them in your soup. Trust me this chewy slightly glutinous grain is a delight to have.

The Kalabhat variety I have used is an indigenous variety of rice which the folks at Amar Khamar helped the farmers in coastal Bengal to cultivate using natural methods. The orders are directly packed and shipped by the farmers themselves every time you order them.

Now here is my Kalabhat parfait recipe. Layer them in glasses to have a fancy presentation or just dump them in a big bowl you would be delighted with the taste and the pretty purple colour.

Kalabhat breakfast parfait
Serves 4

Kalabhat: 1 cup
Freshly made or set yogurt: 11/2 cups
Mangoes: 3-4 (sweet variety)
Sugar or sweetener of your choice: as per taste
Roasted nuts or seeds for crunch: handful per person

Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes. Then put it in a pressure cooker with 21/4 cups of water. You can add little sugar at this time if your yogurt is not sweetened. Bring it to a boil then tighten the lid. Cook on medium for 2 whistles and let the steam dissipate in itself. Open the lid. The rice should not be dry with separate grains rather little sticky.. That is the required consistency for this recipe. If it looks rather dry add some more water and cook for a few minutes.

Beat the yogurt with honey or any sweetener.
Peel and cut the mangoes in cubes.

In a clean glass pour the room temperature kalabhat, top with yogurt and then mangoes. sprinkle some toasted nuts which will add a nice crunch to this dish.

Mix and see the colour changing to a pretty lavender shade.
Enjoy every spoonful and later come back to thank me.

A Homemaker's notes.
You can cook the rice for more servings since it stays really well when saved in fridge. Just bring it to room temperature and save in air tight container. You can use them for 3-4 days but it will tighten a little bit so before serving it is suggested to cook it (in the microwave or stove top) with little bit of water.

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