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Happy Diwali  everyone. May you all be blessed with a wonderful time with your family..May peace and wisdom Take over all evil through out the World.

Here is one of my favourite dessert, the rich, gritty, indulging Phirni , a must have for all Mughlai cuisine lovers. Being in Kolkata means you get to see a simpler form of Phirni everywhere. This does not have any nuts or other expensive ingredients but just plain unadulterated full fat milk, sugar and rice...thickened down over time, stirred with oodles of patience  and finally flavoured with some green cardamom. But love you must have, to prepare this dish... because it's only love has that immense power to transform some simple pantry staples to such a rich fit for the king dessert. 

Being the firm believer of 'Homemade is Best'...I though prefer to make them at home most times. That way you have complete control over the quality of the dish. 

 I have made it so many times that now even with my eyes closed I can make a big batch of this. and I always have a big supply of these earthen pots to set my phirnis. Please try to set them in any earthen pot as the flavour that it imparts to the dish is surreal.

Also make sure to cook it to really thick consistency as Phirni should not be runny. It should be soft yet set perfectly even to carry the weight of spoon on top. and a good phirni has a smooth top not gritty or uneven.

Here is my perfect, easy to pull off, tried and tasted recipe. 

Rice Phirni
(Makes 12 medium sized earthen pots)

Full fat milk: 1 liter
Condensed milk: 3/4 can
Basmati rice: 6 tbsp
Green cardamom: 2
Pistachio: for garnishing
Rose petals: for garnishing

Wash and soak rice in some water for at least a couple of hours. Then grind it with the water to a gritty paste. Keep aside.
Also wash and soak the earthen pots if using.
MAke a fine powder from the green cardamoms and keep aside.
In a big bottom heavy pan start boiling the milk , add the condensed milk and boil and stir it for 20 minutes. Do not go away from the pot or it will overflow or burn at the bottom. Just stir and scrape the bottom from time to time.

Once the milk is thick add the rice paste and keep stirring continuously. Keep the flame medium low and scrape the bottom and sides to prevent it from sticking. Keep doing this for 20-25 minutes or till the mixture is very thick, bubbly and the rice is cooked through.
Taste, if you like then add some sugar, we like it less sweet so dint add any extra sugar.

Mix in the cardamom powder and immediately pour them in the earthen pots. It starts to set as soon you take it off heat so make sure you keep everything at hand before starting to cook.
Bring them to room temperature and then chill in the fridge over night and serve cold.

To serve sprinkle with chopped pista, rose petals or silver varq.

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