Chef's Basket Recipe kit; Cheesy Alfredo Pasta

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As much as I love being the homemaker that I am, planning, shopping, cooking and taking care of my home and family, yet there are days when I do not even feel like getting off the couch. I believe all of you have such moments when you know there are hungry mouths which needs to be fed, and being the perfect mother you are food cannot be just anything but a scrumptious, nutritious one . but you don't have an iota of energy to get up and go through it. So what do you do on such days?

The new trend of meal in a box or recipe kits fit such bills perfectly. So when Chef's basket wanted me to review their new meal kit I became curious and wanted to give it a try. Below are my findings.

The Box: The box consisted of 5 separate packets. a small packet of penne, a pack of Pasta sauce, 3 small packets of chili flakes, Italian mixed herb seasoning and sea salt.

I somehow am always skeptical about such products and the first solace came when I read no artificial preservative or colour. The smell also confirmed there is nothing used in it which we should not eat.

Preparation: The preparation is easy. You just have to boil the pasta with sea salt till cooked through. Then bring the sauce to a simmer and add the pasta with the seasoning and chili. 
I knew I had to add some veggies and protein to make it whole some so I sauteed one small clove of garlic with chunks of chicken breast and veggies like broccoli, carrot, peas and corns with some salt and pepper. once they were done added the sauce, bring it to a boil and added the pasta and seasoning. Cooked for a minute till it coated everything. The whole meal came about under 15 minutes. Served to my kids with glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice and I was a happy Mom.

Taste: really good, especially for almost a zero effort meal, it tasted delicious. The sauce was very creamy and saves you time and energy from making a white cheese sauce from scratch. Once you add veggies it becomes as good as homemade pasta. Much better than ordering takeaways.

Quantity: The quantity is very good. More than enough for a very very hungry person and you can easily share it if you want a moderate snacks or meal or pair it with some salad at the sides.

Price: Very very competitive. This is priced at Rs.99 per packet but right now there is a discount going on where this basket is offered at Rs.79. I would say and really good deal.

Other options: Chef's basket have two lines of recipe kits. Italian and Oriental. Check their website HERE to see all the available options.

Verdict: As I said already this is quite good for days when you don't feel like cooking or dont have time to cook a meal from scratch. When you add veggies and protein this is much better, taste and hygiene wise than takeaways. 
This I also find especially good for bachelors or people who leave alone and depend on outside food. Bring these kits home and cook your own food the way you like.


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