I am back with Some Serious Mango Mania : Easy Mango Sorbet Recipe

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Ask me how great does it feel to say these most awaited words 'Am back'? Oh! How I longed to say this...and finally am hope to be back on my blogging track. For all of you who have started wondering if I have just vanished from the face of the Earth or have gone to another planet to check the living conditions there, I have moved to Kolkata and We are slowly settling down in our new house and soaking up the love and affections coming our way from friends and family. It was a long, hectic, incidentful break for me. The task of moving to another city with two truck loads of furnitures and luggage was huge, but opening those cartons and arranging everything in a tiny little apartment (compared to our Bangalore house which was HUGE) was a nightmare. Especially when the rented place comes with 4 bare walls without any woodwork, fixtures or even electric points. It took us a whole month to work on everything from scratch. Midst of all these chaos and madness the baby as seriously ill with some stomach infection. By God's grace he is fine now but struggling to withstand his first encounter with the deadly Kolkata summer. The heat and humidity on some days are killing and even the little one begs 'A.C Chalao na' (please switch on the A.C).

on the first few days I had to struggle without a domestic help as everyone in this new locality kept asking for a hopping sum (at which you will easily get full time maid everywhere else, including Bangalore) only for washing and cleaning, merely an hour's job in the morning. Am still struggling and looking for a good help as my son will soon join school and that way my whole morning would be gone in commuting. Well the silver lining could have been me losing all the extra kilos by doing the house work But that seems like a distant dream as every other day we get lunch or dinner invites. Everyone wants to feed their long lost Jamai (son-in-law) with an elaborate Bengali meal. In the last 3 months we have had 5 wedding invites, 2 birthday parties, 6 lunch invites and to top it all the most awaited Jamai soshti that my parents dreamed for the last five years. They went overboard with everything and fed the poor IT guy lavish spread for all 4 meals on that day. Yes! Thats Kolkata and Bengalis for you!!!
The best part of coming back to Kolkata apart from being close to family (thats the only reason we came back) are the fresh and rarest produce we get to see in the market. Am happy to cook with the fresh, juicy bottle gourds that gets cooked in its own juice (which was never the case in Bangalore) and to eat rare greens like Gima, Sushuni and Kulekhara (read THIS post). My only concern was the baking supplies, but thank fully I have explored the shops in the by-lanes of New market that stores almost everything (a post on that coming soon). Then we have this uber cool South city mall which will cater to all your needs of ingredints related to reginal or world cuisine. So all in all am happy but really miss the Bangalore weather and the serene surrounding of our locality in HSR layout.

Now that after a maddening situation every article in the household has got its own place and am also hoping to get my inner zen back soon. I want to get back to my blogging world. Trust me I missed you all, my beloved friends. I missed your comments, your wishes, our discussions on food and books and crafts and babies and interiors and everything under the sun. Thanks to all you dear friends, to all those unknown faces who have been a constant support and avid reader of all my blabbering. Lotsa hugs coming your way girls.

(by now you must have realised that I never cooked or entered the kitchen before marriage and was unaware of the availability or prices of anything and everything. Otherwise I would not have been in a position of exploring this city like a new comer and by that I mean for domestic supplies only. Ask for art and craft supplies, best restaurants, outing options or good shops with great bargains I would enlighten you like a pro. All thanks to Mr. Hubby and our 5 yrs old marriage for turning a denim claded fasionista to a domestic Goddess).

Now back to today's recipe. The best perks of Kolkata summer are the huge variety of luscious mangoes that appear in the markets. It would be an understatement to say that Bengalis are mango lovers, no meal is complete without a few slices of the juiciest mangoes at the end of it. But by birth am strange (or how will you explain the possibility of a non fish eating Bengali?) and was never very fond of it. I preferred it in other forms like in mango milkshakes, sandesh, ice creams and kulfis. This year too when finally Hubby allowed me to touch the mangoes to cook with I wanted to make something easy and cooling. So Mango sorbet it is this time. Hope you will enjoy it like my lil one did. We enjoyed this immensely on a sultry weekend evening.

Mango Sorbet
Ingredients: (serves 4)
Ripe Mangoes: 4, medium sized
lemon: 1; juice and zest
sugar: 5 tbsp
water: ½ cup

boil the water with the sugar till the sugar dissolves. Add the zest and the juice and simmer for a few minutes. Take off from heat and let it cool completely.

In the meantime chill one covered container in the freezer.

Peel and cube the mangoes and squize out as many pulp as possible.

Puree it with the syrup till very smooth.

Pour in the chilled container, cover and freeze.

After one hour beat the slightly frozen mixture till smooth. Cover and freeze.

Continue doing this 5-6 times at the end of every one hour. Chill overnight.

Scoop and serve with fresh mango pieces.
1. please adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of the mangoes. Mine were very sweet so I used less. But remember the sweetness reduces in the frozen form, keep that in mind while using the sugar.

2. I dont have an ice cream maker and I dont know how to operate one, but the google God says its a dream making soft luscious ice creams in such machines. So, if you have one, figure out how to operate that, put the mango mixture in this and enjoy a great siesta to enjoy the mango heaven later on and let us continue with the upper arm exercise.  

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Serve It: Chilled at 'Oh!Taste n see'.
Kids Delight: cool comforts originally started by Srivalli and this time hosted at Seduce your tastebuds

Quick and Easy Recipe Mela hosted by Nithu of Spicy Tasty.


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  1. Welcome back gurl ....I missed u too. Glad to know that you are amongst family now and that you have almost settled down. So I can hope to see more posts from you soon .... :D

    The Mango Sorbet looks delicious ..... yummmmm :)

  2. Hey welcome back.
    And take care of the kido ..i know how it is in Calcutta .

    The mango sorbet looks so cooling with lemon . We had our mango sorbet today with tiny pieces of ginger candy ...yummy anyways :)

  3. So nice to see you back Sayantani...the sorbet looks really cool. Hoping to see many more posts from your new kitchen.
    Hope that your son is absolutely fine now..take care.

  4. Welcome back dear..delicious sorbet,refreshing and tempting

  5. Welcome back, mango sorbet looks delicious.

  6. Sayantani,

    Glad to see you back. Nothing like being back home and I am sure the weather will grow on you soon.

    That is one delicious looking mango sorbet.

  7. Welcome back dear...This looks inviting and delicious...

  8. Glad to know that you have settled down in Kolkata. Initially the water may be difficult to adjust , so do take care of it. Mango sorbet looks super delicious. BTW! Can you tell me in which area you have found the house?

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. I love this recipe a lot.. looks absolutely perfect and tempting :)
    Indian Cuisine

  10. Thanks everyone for your sweet words. am already loving to be back :-)

  11. Welcome back dear :). Love this sorbet and it looks so gorgeous. I am going to try this out very soon.

  12. Welcome back! Good to know you are settling down, hope your son is better and doing good..Look forward to your post on baking supplies in Calcutta.

    The sorbet looks very inviting, lovely pictures as well..

  13. Gud to see you back...sorbet looks delish

  14. Hi Sayantani! Mango Sorbet looks absolutely wonderful... very tempting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & for your nice words. You have a lovely blog out here. I'm now following you. Hope to hear from you again :)

    Simply Sweet 'n Savory

  15. Welcome back. Tomader ki bhalo na, poor me a probashi Bengali, deprived of all the goodies of Bengal.

    Although I am a fourth generation probashi Bengali I could relate to every little bit of what you have written in this really and truly wonderful piece. My parents educated us on all the traditions and food of Bengal, therefore I was able to relate to it.This sorbet looks delicious, which mango did you use.
    My brother had once brought back to Bombay some Himsagor mangoes from Calcutta - he was there on an official visit - I was bowled over by its wonderful flavour but then I love all kinds of mangoes.

  16. Hope you are little one is fine now. God bless the child.

  17. Welcome back dear.. Mango sorbat looks yummmmy..gr8 comeback recipe..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  18. Welcome back. Mango Sorbet looks fabulous, flavourful, delicious and yummy. Wonderful presentation.
    Please collect your award from my blog.

  19. Glad to know that you have managed to settle down in a new city. Love the mango sorbet recipe.

  20. This is truly a nice come back post. Missed you a lot and hopping to see more yummy delights from you.

  21. Nice to have you back.Thats a sunny yellow sorbet.Must give it a try.

  22. wow, what a delicious looking pic and recipe, love it.

  23. Welcome back dear, glad to see u back with a wonderful and my fav sorbet..take care of u and ur family..

  24. There you are..finally!! Thank God..tomar relocation ta shesh holo. You know what, I can now relive Kolkata thru your posts..yes, you will get all your baking stuff in New Market(I remember going there as a kid with my mum..she got everything including margarine from there) also in Gariahat market..now this must have changed as it has been more than two decades that I left Kol.
    Your sorbets look really tempting...keep posting:)

  25. This looks absolutely mouthwatering! will try this soon...

  26. Delicious mango sorbet looks superb.

  27. Welcome back, Sayantani..Mango sorbet looks so delicious. The recipe sounds really easy to prepare, will give it a try sometime. I hope you get all settled soon. Take care.

  28. That looks slurpilicious! Loved the texture and the color! But it's raining and cold here in Mumbai, so I'll boomark it for next year!

  29. Welcome back Sayantani ~ really really glad to see your post!Glad to know you are settling down , Take care of yourself n the kiddo!
    The Sorbet looks luscious~ One of the best things to have around for this sultry heat, love this totally :)
    US Masala

  30. Looks flavorful, yummy and so inviting... Would love to have a melting scoop...

  31. I love mangoes. This looks perfect. I would like to invite you to our "Quick and easy recipe mela" and enter your recipe. We would be glad to see your participation. Thanks.

  32. absolutely mouthwatery...well prepared dear..:P

    Tasty Appetite

  33. So happy to see you're back! Welcome back to the blogging world, dearie!
    This mango sorbet looks awesome,I love the colour and can imagine its delicious flavour :-)
    Wishing you all the best in your new home and looking forward to reading your posts :-)

  34. welcome back! Im back from a long break too....albeit different reasons...and I missed the blog world. Glad to know you have settled down.

  35. Welcome back dear, Moving is a pain but glad that U r with family now, that's really good not only for adults but specially for kids they get to spend more time with grandparents & no one can pamper kids like grandparents do....hope lil'one is all better now.....goodluck with maid & mango sorbet is perfet for this summery weather....

  36. Ooo.. I love mangoes and I love sorbet :D Awesome.. and hey welcome back :)

  37. really good 2 have u back sayantani..and that too with an awesome recipe..lovely summery clicks

  38. Delicious and flavorful sorbet....

  39. Sayantani,
    Tumi ki tomar cheley ke kono play school e diyecho?

  40. Welcome back Sayantini ..missed ur posts and u have come back with such a bang wow..it looks so yum...I think I must have missed this post totally ..sorry for the late reply:)

  41. Thanks for submitting your recipe. Can u please add the logo of the "Quick and easy recipe mela". Just copy and paste the picture in your post.

  42. Hi,
    Chanced upon your blog for the first time today...

    And am so envious that u r back in good old Calcutta(sorry I am old-fashioned and still call it Calcutta and not Kolkata!!!Its my dream to go back to Cal...but alas!!

    I am surprised to hear that the maids in Cal are more pricey than those of B'lore...atleast in my case B'lore maids had given me a tough time..but no one can beat the bais of Mumbai.

    I dont like mangoes either I mean as a fruit ...find it to be too messy...and when I called Alphonso(Hapoos) as foos foos here at my work place my colleagues were about to murder me right on spot..Its like blasphemy to them!!!!

    Mango sorbet, mango ice creams are ok with me..and ur recipe sounds yumm..Hope to try it very soon!!!!

    Warm regards,


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