Nolen Gurer Payes (Rice Pudding with Date PAlm Jaggery)

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Thanks friends for all your nice comments. Slowly but surely we are coming out of the distress. Now all we want is to move on and get back to life. As they say each cloud has a silver lining this incident too have made us atrong and matured. Has taught us that life doesn’t quite run the way you want but some unnecessary hurdles come along…we have to keep our eyes open to see them and face them bravely.

This month brings a lot of changes in our life. To start with Hubby Switches job which brings a lot of planning to run the house smoothly. We invited few friends on bhai Phonta (bhaiduj on 7th Nov'10) to celebrate the afterglow of diwali and had a great time. Below are some pictures of the party. Am yet to master photography in my new camera. 
The Magic of flowers
Glow in the night
Buddha brought peace
Love this warm feeling
Fourteen Lamps for the forefathers on day before Diwali
another corner
Urli filled with rose petals, tea lights and essential oils
The seating was ready too

Also am sharing today a payes (rice pudding)recipe that I made for Hudband’s Birthday last month. September and October come with a lot of birthdays in our family. Maa, my cousin bro, Hubby, younger brother, my niece and me all of us celebrate our birthdays during puja vacation. This payes is made with date palm jaggery or khejur gur. This is a seasonal and rare delicacy in Bengal that we only get to taste during winter. I have written about this earlier HERE. The gur (jaggery) I used in this recipe is the patali or the solid form of palm date jaggery. I stored some from last year in the freezer as this is the most favourite payes of Hubby and he was delighted to see this on the crack of midnight. Hope you will like this recipe as much we loved polishing this off.

Nolen Gurer Payes 
(Rice Pudding with Date Palm Jaggery)

Gobindobhog Rice (kalijeera rice): 1/3 cup (you can also use any other good quality flavourful rice)
Full fat milk: 1 litre
Milkmaid: ½ can
Ghee: 2 tsp
Cashew nuts: 2 tbsp (broken in large chunks)
Raisins: 1 tbsp
Date Palm jaggery: 2/3 cup; grated

Wash and Soak the raisins in a cup of water. Keep aside.

Wash the rice and spread on a newspaper.

Pour the milk in a heavy bottom pan and boil it for 10-12 minutes before adding the rice.

Heat the ghee and first fry the cashews till golden brown. Drain and keep aside.

In the same ghee add the rice and fry till they change colour to a dense white. Pour this to the milk and with a clean spatula stir it. keep the temparature to medium and stir continuously to prevent from spilling.

The rice will need 15 minutes to become soft. Check by pressing one. Then pour the milkmaid and stir to mix properly. Add the cashews and raisins.

Boil for another 5-7 minutes and then mix in the jaggery. Sometimes the milk curdles once we add the jaggery. So its always better to check on a small quantity. Take a ladleful milk in a separate bowl and add the jaggery. Boil briefly. If it doesnot curdle add the whole quantity of jaggery to the rice and milk mixture. Boil for 3-4 minutes. Cool, freeze and serve cold.

If it curdles then thicken the milk to your desired consistency and switch off the gas. In a separate bowl boil the jaggery with a spoonful of water. Bring it to room temparature and then add this to the milk mixture. Mix thoroughly, cool and then freeze.

According to me it tastes best when cold. The milk thickens a bit and gives an awesome taste.

A Homemaker's Note:
I prefer the light aroma of date palm jaggery so I prefer not to add any other aromatics. If you want you can also add cardamom powder at the end.

Please make sure you use very clean utensils for this. As milk curdles very easily and there is nothing frustrating than ending with curdled milk.

You can also add chopped pista to this.

I sometime add khoya to quicken the process of thickening the milk.

Adjust the sweet according to your taste. 


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  1. thank you Sayantani
    rice pudding and pictures looks fabulous

  2. your house looks well decked up.I love khejur gur payesh..though I cook it with basmati rice but had one with govindbhog rice at inlwas house..and it was out of this world.

  3. Rice pudding with date palm jaggery looks delicious. Love to taste them.

  4. Dear Sayantani
    How are you? I am off blog these days, so you dont see me. Nice to hear that you are getting out of the distress. So what camera you got now?
    I liked the description of your Paes..I get 100% pure Khejur Gur , very rare these days and keep deep frozen.
    Regarding curdling of milk, if you add pure Khejur Gurh or any Gur to boiling milk,it is most likely to curdle , the reason being high acidity and high electrolytes in Gurh.
    If lot of alkaline material is added in Gur during making, like chun ( Calcium carbonate, bicarbonates, Soda etc ) which is mostly the case these days..the milk wont curdle.
    As you rightly suggested, it is good to add Gur after cooing the Paes a bit. I add lot of SUgar 1st and then at the end Gur ( a pure Khejur Gurh has very less sugar compared to sugar cane Gur. The khejur Gur in the market is very very sweet as it contains 70 to 90% Cane Sugar Gur ha ha
    ANyway , I love the are right.. no aromatics , but a small Tej pata may enhance the date palm flavor I guess.
    Bhalo theko

  5. Sayantani, the photos are beautiful. Gurer payesh dekhe jibe jaal eshe gelo ..... kotodeen eirokom payesh khaini.

  6. slurrp! Sayantani date palm sugar gives such lovely color too, isn't it.

  7. Payesh ta dekhte darun hoyeche. Khub shundor decoration + Beautiful Ambience tar photo khub bhalo lagche.
    Nolen gur is also my favourite jaggery. Tomar payesher color ta dekhe khub khete icche korche. Bhalo Thako.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. The rice pudding looks yummy sayantani. And I loved the snaps :)

  9. I am so glad you have overcome the hurdle.Gurl the clicks look good ....... infact very good !! And the Payasam looks super yummy !!


  10. Pictures look very nice and the rice pudding is so tempting. Your house is so well decorated.. Really mesmerizing!!
    Take care

  11. Hi Sayantani. Payes ta fantastic hoyeche. I wish I could eat it!I have a Bengali friend here in my town whom I keep pestering on preparing this Payes whenever possible. I just love it.

  12. As I am writing my personal essay for graduate school applications, I am reflecting back on my own crises and I have to agree with you: we come out stronger as a result. Sometimes, when we look back, we realize that these crises help us grow as a person, and make us appreciate the good times even more.
    Nevertheless, I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the new beginnings.
    And the payes looks very creamy and delicious. And thank you for the very thoughtful and kind comment on my blog :)

  13. Glad you're back this tasty pudding...

  14. Rice pudding looks yummmm,with a rich look.

  15. Khub shundor hoyeche Nolen Gurer Payesh ta. Ekhane na toh gobindo bhog pawa jaye, na nolen gur. I miss home. *howl*.

    Wish you and your husband all the luck for the new endeavors.

  16. Glad to know things are going better.
    You have a very lovely, warm home, very nice pics!
    And yum, I love payesh! Had brought back some date palm jaggery from our Jan trip to Calcutta and it taste so special and delicious :-)

  17. Dear sayantani
    Amader khub ichhe tomader sang-e dekha karar..specially Boudi from Santiniketan..somoe hob-e kina janina..2 and half day thakbo...tomar email address ta pathao amar email-e ( Blog-e address likhona) ..
    eto kam somoe thakbo bhab-te parini...dekha jak..mail e janabo details of phone No etc
    Bhalo theko

  18. Very inviting rice pudding..beautiful dessert for the sure..

  19. Delicious pudding and beautiful color, fabulous pictures

  20. glad the bad times are behind you! Love the payas... I think I have had it as a kid, never knew how to make it... WOndering if I can add dates to the kheer to get the same taste ? I don't get date palm jaggery here ofcourse...

  21. glad the bad times are behind you! Love the payas... I think I have had it as a kid, never knew how to make it... WOndering if I can add dates to the kheer to get the same taste ? I don't get date palm jaggery here ofcourse...

  22. glad the bad times are behind you! Love the payas... I think I have had it as a kid, never knew how to make it... WOndering if I can add dates to the kheer to get the same taste ? I don't get date palm jaggery here ofcourse...

  23. glad the bad times are behind you! Love the payas... I think I have had it as a kid, never knew how to make it... WOndering if I can add dates to the kheer to get the same taste ? I don't get date palm jaggery here ofcourse...

  24. glad the bad times are behind you! Love the payas... I think I have had it as a kid, never knew how to make it... WOndering if I can add dates to the kheer to get the same taste ? I don't get date palm jaggery here ofcourse...

  25. Lovely photographs, lovely recipe,I loved the serving bowl a lot,looks so authentic!

  26. Nolen Gurer Payes looks soooo fabulous Sayantani!...Sob chobi khub sundor hoyecche...khub bhalo theko tomra sokole :)

  27. This pudding looks so delicious..Lovely pics and presentation..

  28. looks delicious. i like the bowl and ur presentation also superbb

  29. Love the pictures!! Your bowl is so pretty!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  30. lovely bowl and the rice pudding looks yummy:) just loved the festive decor at ur house hope u had a wonderful diwali:)

  31. delicious pudding! Your house looks beautiful with all the diwali decoration!

  32. Beautiful pics....
    pudding looks yummy!!

  33. Pudding looks so yummy and tempting.. and amazing photos dear !!

  34. Rice pudding and clicks are wonderful..

  35. the pics with the diyas were very pretty

  36. Sayantani,
    eyi ta amader bhishon priyo, nolen gurer payesh...protek ta chobi besh bhalo hoyeche..tumar barir chobi dekhe besh bhalo laglo..shob bhalo bhabhe hobe eyi baar dekhbe, onek shubhecha roilo..bhalo thekho..hugs and smiles

  37. Hi Sayantani, Diwali pictures are so sweet. Admire the way you decorated, seems a nice party. The payes looks so delicious and love that display too. lots of prayers and well wishes dear.

  38. very lovely pudding..... pictures are perfect.....

  39. Belated Birthday wishes to your hubby!
    Rice pudding looks delicious..lovely pictures!

    US Masala

  40. ajkal ekdom blog hopping er samay pai na, tai miss karechi tomar sindor payesh er post ta, payesh to sundor hoyechei, kintu bowl ta eto sundor je khali otar dike choch chole jachche..amazing pics, Sayantani...tomar ghar o well decorated, darun lagche

  41. hey wonderful diwali snaps.. loved your decorations..

  42. Hi Dear,
    Good to hear new things starting in ur life.
    The payesh looks beautiful in the silver bowl and the palm jaggery surely adds a great flavour.

  43. So festive..I love date palm jaggery. But never tried something like this..great recipe Sayantani

  44. Oh Sayantani..good to see you back.. Good to know u guys are getting back into the flow of things..Only those who go through such incidents know the pain..As they say in Hindi..Jis Tan Laage us man Jaane.. God bless u and ur family..

    Ur house looks all decked up..LOve how u have decorated each and every corner of ur hosue..and that too with an active toddler in the house..Remarkable !!.
    Your Rice Kheer looks quite tempting..Have never tried it with date palm jaggery..Ur Clicks are awesome..Take care.

  45. so attractive, colourful, awesome gal..


  46. sayantani, how is your health now dear?
    Pudding looks perfect.

  47. Love preparations made with rice and jaggery.. this sounds yumm!! And u have a lovely house..

  48. Hey, can u respond to the mail for the meet at lalith ashok mrw?

  49. Just had this dish at Oh Calcutta on the weekend and it was simply sublime. Your dish looks so so inviting!

    You have a beautiful home!

  50. Lovely pudding n gorgeous clicks !!!

    Apologies , seems i just missed to reply to ur query for the 30 best recipes event ...theres a little change , bloggers less than an yr old can also participate ... so pl go ahead .. look forward for ur recipe link !!!

    Smita @Little Food Junction

  51. thanks everyone. sorry for being so irregular these days. hope to be regular from now onwards.

  52. @sayantani
    sorry but I have no clue how your comment got missing while the other two is showing. anyways I believe you will get a lot of such tribal stuffs at tribalroute. if you need let me know will send your the address.

  53. Nolen gurer payesh jemon sundor baniyechho tar thekeo beshi sundor legechho patro ta. Odbhut sundor. Prottekta chhobi durdanto legechhe. Wonderful presentation.

  54. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. I just saw your Nolen gurer payesh;it is my favourite dessert but for us probashi Bengalis both the khejurer gur and Gobindo Bhog remains a pipe dream;thankfully now Gobindo bhog is available in Bombay. My mum recently made a simple pulao the moment she laid her hands on the gobindo bhog and I promptly featured it in my blog. Please try the potler dorma with the fish stuffing it is very tasty.

  55. Hi Shilpi, is gobindo bhog rice still available in Mumbai? I saw one packet of rice called Ektaa gobindo bhog in Vashi, not sure if it is the same. I need it within 2days, let me know if you know about it.thanks in advanc
    e for the help.


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