Shim Bata (Spicy Hyacinth beans paste)

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This Hyacinth vine of mine is in my backyard and in its 2 years of life it has totally acquired all the three mango trees. But I don’t complain as it gives a harvest that not only me but the families of my cousin and all the friends can’t finish. I have provided tem with so much of beans that they are almost scared of me and the other day I heard a friend telling his wife ‘Eire Boudi asche, abar shim debe”  (again Sis-in-law is coming to give us more beans). (Yes I heard you ‘S’). but trust me am not affended at all…am never with the produce of my garden, and especially when it offers a bounty so selflessly all year around. Also for me the added advantage is the vision of some pretty purple blooms from my kitchen window.
But the problem is what to cook. Almost every other day am cooking something with this vegetables like charchari, shim posto (hyacinth beans fried with poppy seeds paste), shim-er jhal (hyacinth beans in spicy mustard gravy) etc. Then last year my masimoni (aunt: Mother’s Sister) gave me this recipe. A very authentic Bengali recipe with our most favourite mustard paste. When she narrated this recipe to me I wasn’t excited much but my opinion changed once I tried this. Hubby loved it so much that when he feels like going out to the backyard in helping me picking the beans from the top most branches (which happens once in a blue moon) he demands this dish.  

Here is the recipe

Shim Bata

Hyacinth beans: 1 cup tightly packed
Potato: 1 medium
Mustard paste: 1 tbsp
Poppy seeds paste: 1 tbsp
Nigella seeds: 1/3 tsp
Green chillis: 2
Oil: 2 tbsp (I use saffola gold and mustard oil in 1:1 ratio, you can even cook with olive oil which tastes great too)
Bori/Wadi/ sundried lentil dumplings: handful

Boil the potato and mash when its still warm.

Chop off the two sides of the beans and cut in 2. Blanch it for 5-6 minutes in salted water. Drain and mash coarsely. Alternativel you can also microwave it and then grind it to a coarse paste.

Now heat the oil and fry the boris till light brown. Drain and crumble lightly. Set aside.

In the same oil add the nigella seeds and slit green chilies. Once they release the aroma add the mashed beans, potato, salt and turmeric. On low flame cook it by stirring continuously. This will take 3-4 minutes to become dry.

Add the mustard-poppy seeds paste and mix properly. Keep on frying this on low heat. Don’t stop stirring the whole mixture as that will result in burning at the bottom.

Once you see the mixture is dry and tiny drops of oil appear on the surface switch off the flame.

Spread it over a plate or shallow dish. Sprinkle the crumbled fried bori on top and serve hot with steamed rice.

we enjoy it with rice, Lentil and fish curry on weekends.

Here is another Begali style green vegetable paste recipe shared by our very talented Ushnishda.

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  1. That's a very nice recipe with hyacinth Sayantani. I make different curry. Will post the recipe some time

  2. Hmm..sem is such a prolific vegetable i know , but sadly it did not thrive here in Delhi , i tried it twice.

    The dish looks interesting , would try n make some time... i make a simpler bharta which would be sheddho for you , i love that , have it in my drafts to post.

  3. Wow..lovely dish...intresting !

  4. Amar kache ekdom notun ei recipe ta ..Bujhtei parchi darun khete hobe..Try korbo :)

    Best Regards

  5. yummy! My Mom makes it too...
    I am not a big fan of Shim either...

  6. now if you were to come to my house with lots of beans, just know you would be always specially welcome.. particularly beans with such unique recipe! a very authentic bengali dish indeed.

  7. Congratulations on your lovely garden!(and your green thumbs!)
    I love the peas flowers, in all kinds!
    This recipe looks very tasty and delicious! Will try with sweetpeas as I have not seen shim in the Indian stores...

  8. This is a real interesting dish...Won't be able try one here though :(
    Dont get them here.

  9. Khub shundor...aami sheem bata kono din khayee ni. Eta ek dom notun recipe.

  10. Heard abt this for the first time here...lovely recipe and nice clicks too...

  11. this is a new way to cook sem for me.. although I am not a big fan of sem this one looks very interesting.

  12. Sayantani, this is an absolute delight of a recipe. I have never seen hyacinth beans used this way.

    For some reason these beans are the most expensive of all vegetables.

    On another note, I have been actively looking for a courier, hopefully I'll be able to send the gift to you soon.

  13. Thats a very authentic bengali dish! Looks so yumm!

  14. Thats a droolworthy dish, sounds new and interesting for me..

  15. Quite new to me but looks different and tasty....

  16. I like the use of vadis in your dish.Very innovative and healthy recipe indeed.Thanks for sharing dear.

  17. Wow lovely and interesting yummy

  18. Thats a new way of making seem Sayantani..
    hugs and smiles

  19. Sayantani tumi emon recipe post koro je amar mon kharap hoye jaye.. of course not in a bad way.. but so many of my memories are so entangled with these kind of dishes. amar dida amake egulo te introduce korechilo and I stared loving veggies like nobody else did. taratari dekhte gechi mustard paste diyecho kina .. LOL

  20. sayantani, recipes like this are traditional gems. ek shomoye ami shim mukhe ditam na ... ekhon khub bhalo lage. tomar recipe ta try korte e hobe ... darao age bookmark kori.

  21. Tumi besh sundor sundor notun dhoroner khabar banao. Shim bata darun hoyechhe r durdanto presentation hoyechhe. Thank you notun type er recipe er jonno.

  22. Khub bhalo laglo tomar 'shim bata'...besh notun rokom :)

  23. i love anything fresh from garden...Nice recipe..looks so delicious..

  24. We make thoran with this beans. Love the curry Satyani.

  25. Another great recipe from you!! Never cooked with hyacinth beans before..Looks absolutely delicious..

  26. Wow... nice preparations with the beans...and to imagine they grow in your backyard! Their flowers are really pretty :)

  27. @Paaka, thanks and I need more recipes to cook the humongous production in my backyard. please post yours soon.

    @Sangeeta, but my Maa have a huge one in Calcutta which gives triple the produce that I get here. guess heat wont be the problem.

    @Jagruti, thanks

    @ Sulagna, Somoo, thanks. yes its very unusual recipe but try it once. tastes divine with rice.

    @Pj, welcome back dear.

  28. @Vanessa, thanks

    @Preeti, :-)

    @Rumana, thanks for visiting me dear.

    @Pree, pele akbar kore dekho

    @Sushma, thanks

    @Aipi, if you love rice then this dish would be great to accompany that.


  29. @Indo, thanks you can try this with yard long beans. and for that courier do it in your convenience.

    @Rachna, Prya, treat n trick, thanks

    @Tanvi, yes am very fond of boris.

    @suja, Jaya, Nitha :-)

    @Soma, sotti ei recipe gulo jano akta somoy er...janina amader parer generation mone rakhbe kina.

  30. @Sharmila, amar mamar bari desher bari gram e tai hayto ami egulo khunje pai. amar purono diner deshi ranna baddo bhalo lage.

    @Babli, thanks you

    @sanghamitra, swathi, sarah, yummy...thanks a ton dearies

    @homecooked. glad that you liked it.


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